How To Live Your Dream Lifestyle Starting Today

by Keith Claridge Online Business Coach and Blogger

Yesterday, I had a thought just floating around my head and it was about dream lifestyles. We always imagine that our dream lifestyle is in the future somewhere. It is conditional on our jobs, our income, our this, our that.

Because of that our dream lifestyle is always out of reach.

What if we started to live our dream lifestyle now in the present?

Now you might be thinking a few different things at this point.

One could be I need more money.

Another could be I don't really know what my dream lifestyle is.

Do You Live Your Dream Lifestyle?

Lets look at these in turn. I 'm gonna take the second point first (I like to do things backwards!)

If you don't know what your dream lifestyle is you need to think about it. You need to decide what it is so it gives you something to aim for, otherwise life will be like going in a journey in a car, looking busy, using lots of energy, but not actually, really going anywhere. You have no destination, so you go wherever looks nice.

So think about what your ideal lifestyle is.

The other thought that I think many will think is that they haven't got enough money to start living their dream lifestyle and this is probably true in many cases.

Last night I got thinking about this, you may not be able to live all of your dream lifestyle, but you may able to take a few things and start to live the smaller parts of your dream.

Dream Lifestyle

Our Dream Lifestyle

I went to the pub last night with Kerry and I talked to her about this. I was talking about three things we can do to start to live our dream lifestyle now.

These are the three things that I came up with.

1) Eat out at nice restaurants

2) Drink Nice Wine

3) Start to listen to music again

The third one might sound strange, but I used to listen to a lot of music back in the day, but recently I haven't much. If I think about my dream day, I'm listening to music, have a beer or drinking a nice glass of wine, I can do that now, though I want to be outside in the sun ideally, not always possible in the UK!

Kerry thought of three things from her dream lifestyle, that we are aiming for.

Here are Kerrys three things that she imagines for our dream lifestyle (in her words)

Be nice to just go into a shop buy anything, not having to look at a price tag.

Going to nice restaurants (expensive) just to sit there and relax and not worry about a thing.

To see different countries and not think about cost, just sit back and relax with cocktails.

I hope that reading this you realize that you can begin to lead your dream lifestyle today and also plan for your future dream lifestyle.

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Dream Lifestyle


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