How to get more retweets and promote twitter profile?

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How to get more Followers on Twitter? Get more Retweets, could be answer. One method to generate more Retweets is to post on Twitter Time Line and ask for Retweet. But how many Twitter Followers will really Retweet your tweet will depend upon how much interesting your posts are?

According to out of 30 million tweets analyzed, here are the words that tend to be retweeted the least:

  • game
  • going
  • haha
  • lol
  • but
  • watching
  • work
  • home
  • night
  • bed
  • well
  • sleep
  • gonna
  • hey
  • tomorrow
  • tired
  • some
  • back
  • bored
  • listening

And here are the most retweeted words:

  • you
  • twitter
  • please
  • retweet
  • post
  • blog
  • social
  • free
  • media
  • help
  • please retweet
  • great
  • social media
  • 10
  • follow
  • how to
  • top
  • blog post
  • check out
  • new blog post

Well, I have scanned across the above keywords / hashtags; definitely, there is no reason why should someone show interests in hashtag like ‘hey’, merely an exclamation. However, when people see words like Great in your timeline, interests grows in knowing what is great and if it’s really worth, retweets are obvious. 

So next time while posting, first make your tweets worth looking and second, include words from list of most retweeted keywords, you may think of your own, take help from dictionary. If you can generate interests, your posts will go viral within minutes. Tweeting around trending topics could be one of the best ways to get retweets

Timing Matters: At what time during day, you post, matters a lot in generating retweets. Depending upon your geography, look for when most of your followers are online. Tweeting something at 12 Noon when everyone is in the office under manager’s hammer is not the right time at all. By the time say evening when people will come to Twitter after office hours, your post will be buried under thousands of threads. If you are not a celebrity, chances are very rare that someone will dig out your 12 noon tweets. Keep tweeting, blow horn when is crowd; press beep button, don’t honk.

Put Buffer Twitter Button on your website and blog. It’s customizable and you can control your tweets. With normal twitter button, you can not control or schedule Tweets. When someone press Buffer Twitter Button, it automatically schedule tweets to appear in most productive time when too many people are out there.

Place Twitter Button below each blog post. The Twitter button that you have in side / top or bottom margin area is for your website. Put one for post too. A better alternative is, put normal twitter button in side margin for website share, and Buffer Twitter Button below blog post or other way round.

Whatever you are tweeting, your twitter followers knows, can see or dig from buried posts. Retweets are obvious when you are interesting, timely and appropriate. What about others on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or Pinterest? How come they may know what you are talking on twitter? Show your Tweets to everyone, many will come to Twitter to follow you. More followers mean higher reputation and better business. Sign Up for Free Social Media Exchange Programs and let others know what are you Tweeting?

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