How to Choose the Fragrances for Women and Some popular Fragrances

by Likol Reeon

Perfumes are really close to women’s heart. They are an essential part of their dressing and are symbols of their individuality and personality. Many men take special care while selecting the perfumes for their ladies as they can lighten or spoil the mood of an occasion. Special care has to be taken while choosing perfumes because the perfume should ideally suit the taste and personality of the wearer. It is really important for men to understand the taste of their ladies and carefully choose the right perfume fragrance for women.

When it comes to the most popular perfumes for women, it would be wise to say that the list of the most popular keeps on changing with every season. Generally it is a better option to choose the popular brand of her liking and then look for the best perfume for women of that particular taste. Here are a few things worth considering while choosing the right fragrance:

1.      Personal Taste: See that whether the lady is on the classy side or is she sporty? Is she a goofy type? Does she like flirting or is she a serious and sentimental kind of a lady? The perfumes and their fragrances can easily be matched with these types and women will surely identify themselves with the fragrance that suits their personality. All one needs is to know her well and develop a taste for the subtler things of life because women’s fragrances are certainly one of those. The perfume companies keep a careful eye on the emerging and dying trends in the market because the personality and tastes of the individuals are shaped by them. They develop their range of perfumes keeping in mind the dynamics of the society, culture and changing trends. So it is equally important to stay updated in these matters as it will help in finding the right fragrance.


2.      Body Chemistry: This factor is often ignored but it is very important to know the body chemistry of the lady. The way the perfume feels and smells depends upon the complexion of the lady. People from different parts of the world have different diet patterns and within the same culture as well, there might be variations in what kind of food the lady prefers, spicy or simple, junk food or traditional, alcohol or coffee and tea. These things can affect the way the perfume smells.


3.      Interests and Activities: Now this is an exercise in sociological analysis. The interests, hobbies and favorites of a person are an integral part of her personality. The fragrance might be suitable only for dynamic and outgoing women or for reserved and laid back women. The companies keep these factors in mind while creating new fragrances and the person choosing the perfume ought to do a little research.


Having said this much about the selection, it is important to take note of some of the most famous perfumes brands for women, here are some of them:

1.      Escada perfume for Women: Here are some of the most popular Escada Perfumes for women:

a.       Escada Desire: It is a seductive fragrance that has an enchanting smell. It is inspired by the uncontrollable desire that a woman can evoke in a man with just one glance.

b.      Escada Incredible: Clementine, honeysuckle, orchid, vanilla and sandalwood combine to create a subtle and lasting fragrance.

c.       Escada S EDP: Plum, black current, rose canina, almonds, black pepper, mahogany, sandalwood and touches of musk like notes and hazel get into it to create a unique fragrance.

d.      Escada Signature: This one is classical, sexy and modern all in the same bottle. The Italian lemon will energize the mind and liberate the soul. Intoxicating petals of almost 8 different flowers add up to create this unique fragrance.


2.      Ralph Lauren perfume for women:

a.       Ralph Lauren blue Perfume for women: It is cool, it is fresh. It is known to melt subtly into the skin. As many as a dozen different flower fragrances go into the making of Ralph Lauren blue perfume.

b.      Ralph Lauren Hot: It is a great mixture of sensual smell of mocha cream, spiced up by cinnamon and luscious maple. If the woman likes it sexy, she would certainly like Ralph Lauren hot.

c.       Ralph Lauren Hot: With the top notes of fruits and the base notes of flowers, bleach wood and sandal wood, this fragrance stimulates excitement, activity and gives a classy feel at the same time.

d.      Polo sport perfume for women: This is an incredible perfume in the sense that it has such an astonishingly wide appeal among women. Whatever age they, they are old or young, if they have a get up and go attitude towards life, this is the fragrance for them. It encourages activity and dynamism.


There are many more great brands for perfumes for women like Jean Paul Gautier, Trussardi, Vera Wang etc. The information about lacoste perfumes for women should also be checked to widen the options.


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