How to Buy Sleeping Tablets without a Prescription

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Millions of people all over the world suffer from sleeping disorders of one type or another. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) states that sleeping disorders make a person feel impaired or stressed due to their condition. Moreover, the symptoms persist for more than one month and are not a result of any mental disorder, substance abuse, or medical condition.

Individuals buy sleeping tablets to get relief from the symptoms of sleeping disorders. In the past, doctors prescribed an older class of drugs known as barbiturates to treat sleeping problems. However, these medications were associated with severe side effects.

Nowadays, doctors prescribe a newer class of sleeping pills known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (or GABA) medications. Individuals can buy generic versions of these medications at a fraction of the cost of the original. Here we will discuss two popular generic GABA sleeping pills that can be bought without a prescription, thereby reducing the cost of the medication.


Zopiclone is a generic version of the sleeping tablet known as Zimovane. Individuals can buy Zopiclone sleeping pills without a prescription. The medication is associated with minimal side effects. Unlike the older barbiturates sleeping pills, overdose of Zopiclone medication is not fatal. Most individuals will not experience any side effects when consuming the medication according to the recommended dosage and safety instructions.

Zopiclone sleeping tablets should be taken orally with water. Since it induces sleep, individuals should not take the medication before performing tasks that require focus and concentration such as driving or operating heavy machinery. The medication should be taken just before going to bed.

Another thing to note about Zopiclone medication is that it should not be taken continuously for more than four weeks. It's recommended to take the medication on an on/off cycle. In other words, the medication should be used for a few weeks, then a break should be taken before resuming its consumption.


Zolpidem UK
is another popular sleeping medication. It is the generic version of Ambien. Similar to the generic Zopiclone, individuals do not need a prescription to purchase Zolpidem sleeping pills. It contains the ingredient known as Zolpidem Tartrate. This ingredient works in a similar way to Zopiclone in inducing sleep. Individuals taking the medication according to the recommended dosage and instructions will not experience any severe adverse effects. Like Zopiclone, Zolpidem should not be taken continuously for more than four weeks.

On a final note, individuals can buy sleeping tablets online including Zolpidem and Zopiclone without a prescription. The generic medications are available at a fraction of the cost of the original. This results in affordable medication. That being said, individuals suffering from any liver, heart, or kidney disorders should consult a qualified physician prior to using medication for treating sleeping disorders. Moreover, senior individuals and pregnant or nursing women should also consult with their general physician before using Zopiclone or Zolpidem for treating sleeping problems.

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