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Amazing Earning For Free Members

  • Legit means that the site is currently showing proof that it pays.
  • Sites will go on this list if the site is paying and there are no major issues with these sites.
  • If you have an internet connection , a computer and some spare time you can get much earning through these websites.
  • If you can make a big down line then don't miss these websites because these websites are for you.
  • If you wants some hundred to some thousand earning in dollars per month then these websites are for you.


How to make nice money with PTC programs.

1. You need to click all your ads every day,

2. Refer as many members as you can

3. Rent and buy more referrals


The basic of the PTC programs (PaidToClick) is the following:

Advertiser pay people for viewing their ads. So if you click on an ad in the PTC program you earn some little money. In case of SchnaapKlicks this varies between 1 cents and 5 cents. Let’s say you click 10 ads a day with a value of 3 cents each, you earn 30 cents that day. That’s not a big money I know but accumulating in a month it will grow to $9-$10.


Don’t worry you can make much more money with these programs. The beautiful part of these programs is that you earn money also if your referrals click on ads.

I know most if you are not good in referring member. No problem. Here you can rent or buy referrals.


To rent referrals means that you pay let’s say $25 for 100 referrals for 1 month.  Those referrals click their ads daily (not all of course, but most of them) and you earn a percentage of their earning every day. How much is that percentage it depends on your Membership level. As a free member you earn 10% of their earning.

Let’s say half of your referrals are clicking the same as you: 10 ads daily with a value of 3 cents each. For 1 day they earning is 50x$0.3=$15, you as a free member earn 10% of it, that’s $1.5. For one month it will be 30x$1.50=$45.


If you upgrade to Elite Pro member, you’ll earn 100% of your referral’s earning. In the above case that means $450 a month.

But as an Elite Pro member you’ll earn an additional $7.50 referrals bonus also if one of your referrals upgrade to Pro member.


From the above examples I think you can see that there are 3 main points to earn a nice amount of Monthly Residual Income with this program or with any other trustworthy PTC program:


1. YOU need to click EVERY DAY on all the ads you find in your back office. (There is also a rule that you get paid for your referral’s clicks on a day if you have clicked a certain amount of your own ads the day anterior)

2. Your goal is to have more and more referrals (no matter if rented, bought or referred by yourself).

3. You should upgrade to Elite Pro member as soon as you are able.


Point 1. Depends only on you. If you are not ready to click every day your ads, this opportunity is not for you. Of course if you miss to click for 1 or 2 days, that’s not a big problem yet, you’ll earn a bit slower. Or if you go to holiday, no problem, you’ll not earn for those days. But when you come back you’ll click again every day and will continue earning again.

Points 2 and 3. Need some money to invest.

There are several options to do so. If you are not able to invest one single penny, you can reach a nice income too, but much slower. You need to wait till your earning will grow to $10, you’ll then withdraw it and invest it to rent 30 or 40 referrals. Then your earning will grow a bit faster so you’ll reach your next $10 withdrawal faster so you can rent more referrals, and so on.

When you’ll reach about 100-150 referrals you should accumulate your earning and when you reach the $89 you should upgrade to Elite Pro member and with that your earning will grow with a high speed.

Of course all these need discipline and the name of this game is PACIENCE AND PERSISTENCE. But if you really need money and are not able to invest one single penny you will do what ever it takes to earn a nice income. Remember you don’t need to refer any member yourself, you will rent (or later buy) them.


If you want to see money faster, let me ask a question:

How many times have you joined a so called “fast moving 2x2 or 1x2 matrix program” where you needed to pay $10-$25 or even more money, and then the matrix haven’t filled fast, because you couldn’t refer members and the promised spillover never arrived? And you just lost that money that you invested.

You should invest that $10-$25 or even more money into SchnaapKlicks and you’ll earn here without filling matrixes, without referring members, without expecting spillover or without waiting for Gifts from other members that never arrived.

The decision is yours which way you choose to earn money here, the slow way with zero investment or you do can afford to invest $10-$25 or more to jumpstart your earning.

To know more details from the program please read the FAQ, then click on several links in your back office so you know for example the prices of renting, buying referrals or upgrading.

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