How Explainer Videos help a new product?

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As a customer, have you ever wondered what happens behind the curtains of a company? You get to witness the launch of a new product and various marketing promotional advertisements associated with it. Maybe you received a sample of the new detergent with the dish washing liquid, maybe you happen to catch an explainer video of the new product on the homepage of your PC. 

Unimaginable hard work, months of planning, coordinating, executing, etc. takes place behind the curtain. The perfection and confidence with which a product is launched is a thoroughly practiced and planned event. When the company manages to woo the potential customer base with the marketing strategies and the quality of the product itself, the campaign is termed a ‘success’. 

It is famously said that marketing consists of 4Ps – Product, price, place and promotion. Each is equally important and in direct proportion to one another. There needs to be ample balance is the way the 4Ps are handled to achieve a successful outcome. Consider the product and pricing to be good, but the promotion and placement to be dismal – there are minuscule chances that the product will sell. 

Companies devise a marketing strategy around the product. The primary aim is to identify the potential customers and target them in a way that would hit the nail. Many companies go for explainer videos for this purpose. Explainer video company in India offer an excellent solution to brand and product promotional activities. The videos are of short duration, however, they are rich in content and precise. 

The purpose of an explainer video is to explain to make the target customer understand why they might need the product, and if they are using an alternate product, why should they think of shifting to the new product. Explainer videos can be a stop motion animation, 2D animation, 3D animation,  live shoot, classic animation, clay animation, CGI, holographic video, paper animation, etc. Or it may be a combination of two or more types, as need be. 

A successful campaign depends greatly on market research and survey. It is pertinent for the company to understand the gap in the existing product and how to fill it. If this is successfully done, then the final product launch and related issues become a smooth transition. If explainer videos are not your thing, there are many other video related options you can dabble with – there are custom made videos, corporate films, training videos, stop animation, parallax animation, motion graphics, mobile app videos, marketing videos, etc. A dedicated team is assigned to each and every company and assist in creating the perfect marketing strategy.  

Placement of explainer videos at requisite platforms is as important as the campaign itself. Since the company has identified the target customer base, they should know where to place the videos and other marketing tools. If you are aware of the fact that a part of your customers chooses a particular time of the day to switch on the TV, you can have the explainer video run on networks at that particular time slot. Similarly, if the customer behavior suggests that they visit a website often, you have can animated banners or short videos explaining or promoting the product. 

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