Hormone Therapy in Women to Lose Weight

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When women reach a certain age, they tend to start having some troubles with their weight. One of the main reasons and causes for this is the result of a normal fluctuation in hormone levels. There are even instances when women become very depressed and angry for no apparent reason. Even though they will not admit it, it is because of the hormonal imbalance that they are experiencing due to menopause.

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There are a lot of people who would like to undergo hormone replacement therapy in order to improve their current condition. Some women are simply concerned about their weight gain and would like to undergo medical weight loss programs to lose the excess weight. What are the different things that women can experience after undergoing the therapy? In order to learn more please read on.

Facts on Hormone Therapy

·         There are several hormones that are replenished when women undergo the therapy. Some of these hormones are the following: estrogen and progesterone. There are also times when people would place testosterone.

·         Hormone therapy is usually customized according to the individual who would like to undergo the therapy. This means that the therapies used vary from woman to woman. Each women should be individually analyzed and treated based on her unique hormonal make up.

·         Hormone replacement therapy is also considered to be more effective than other types of therapy that are based on synthetic chemicals.

One of the main questions that people ask when they gain weight mid-life is, are they only gaining weight because of the change in hormones, or due to other factors that are happening in their lives. Their main objective is to find medical weight loss programs to help them lose it. Some other possible reasons for weight gain are as follows:

1. Decreased work in the office and around the house. This is probably because your children have already grown and do not need much monitoring as compared to when they were younger.

2. Increase in travelling to different places. When people travel to different places, they cannot help but feel relaxed and indulge in food that they would not eat when they are following their routine.

3. Slower pace in doing things. When life becomes slower, it also makes people’s metabolism slower and this can also lead to weight gain.

Possible Changes You Can See with Hormone Therapy

Here are just some of the possible changes that you will see once you undergo therapy:

·         Weight Loss – Since your menopausal symptoms will decrease, you will be functioning similar to how you were before you experienced the symptoms. This can help you get back to your old lifestyle and get back the body that you had before. Of course, undergoing medical weight loss programs can also help.

·         Disease Prevention – There are some diseases that may take place when people do not have enough hormones being produced by their body anymore. Having the right levels will prevent any disease that is related to this.

·         Decrease in Chances of Having a Heart Attack – According to studies, women who undergo this type of therapy would have decreased chances of getting any heart ailment in the long run.

It is always important to consult your doctor about this, so that he or she can recommend this therapy or other medical weight loss programs to help.

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