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Digital display technology used in consumer electronic products in the home display device development trend, and increasingly favored by consumers, almost all users are aware that DVI and HDMI is pure digital signal interface, the transmission of digital signals can be demonstrated the best image picture quality and effects. So, what kind of interface performance better?

    Today's video settings become very complex, according to the source format to determine the distance of the monitor cable. At the same time, the connection distance is the decisive factor to choose what kind of connection technology.
   Two choices when you buy the connection cable - copper cable or fiber optic cabling, about the Controversy which cable to choose has begun since the introduction of the concept of optical and coaxial digital audio cable.  Now, most people think that they display is the same, no matter which one and reject another, will not affect the audio quality. When using low-bandwidth audio especially the wiring distance is relatively short, the effect of copper cable or fiber optic cable transmission is indeed the same.
However, full screen playback of uncompressed digital signals is completely different resistance performance due to the high native resolution of the digital signal as well as copper cables, fiber optic signal conversion technology is the most suitable choice for the connection of DVI or HDMI source. Of course, all of the video signal converter with the same specifications as the type of interface settings. DVI and HDMI digital signals are high-speed high bandwidth signals, the maximum pixel signal 1080p signal indicates that the screen pixels to 1920x1080, and updated 40 times per second. HD signal so fast update rate and large amount of digital bandwidth consumption, the problem of copper cable resistance will lead to a loss of signal - for example, the signal can not be updated pixel hour or error, or no screen, direct blue screen. When the copper cable link distance of more than 15 feet, play 1080p image problems play 720p or 1080i digital format signal copper cable to connect the distance must be maintained within 25 feet. If you exceed this distance, it is best to use fiber-optic cable.
  The fiber-optic signal conversion technology is theoretically no resistance, so it does not produce a signal loss. The principle is to convert video source signals into light waves, and its spread in the form of light to the playback device, and then restore the digital video signal. If you want to enjoy high-definition screen with no loss of signal or pixel, you can also use a signal amplifier, of course, copper cables or fiber-optic cable used in conjunction with the signal amplifier has a different role. Expand the installation of copper cable only to enhance the electronic signals, making it more "strong", to reduce signal loss due to the wiring length is too long However, the biggest problem of this technique, the video signal is enhanced at the same time, the error the signal has also been enhanced, which causes the noise of the digital signal is enhanced and the signal loss problem has not been fundamentally resolved. Another problem is that even with the signal amplifier, DVI and HDMI signals are not the "enhanced" can only be spread about 60 feet This is not only inefficient, while also greatly increased costs. Optical signal conversion technology is actually electronic signal to convert the optical signal, therefore, can maintain the integrity of the signal within a distance of 495 feet.

    This is the IT organization and cable companies use fiber reason for building the network, IT transmitted signal bandwidth (typically to 0.6Gbps) is much lower than the uncompressed video signal (usually 1.65Gbps), so when high-bandwidth digital signal era upcoming, fiber optic cables are becoming increasingly popular application is not surprising.

    In addition to the difference between copper cable and fiber optic cable technology principles, when the select signal connectivity solutions, the best but also consider the following aspects:
    1 Distance
    If you are using copper cable, it is best to keep within the range of 25 feet If you need to use more than 25 feet length of cable, the best choice for fiber-optic cable.
    2, The forward-looking considerations
    The user needs to cable and cable products with a long service life, and generally to achieve more than a decade. Taking into account the cable quality and the Ohira display image quality is closely related to long-term connection, and display equipment, so this investment is required. The popular video player screen resolution of 720p or 1080i, the copper cable can be application. But the technological development of digital signal at an alarming rate in the near future, we must replace the DVD player and TV, then need to consider the cable can support the new video system (especially to cable buried in the wall users), it is best to buy a good 1080p signal transmission cable.
    3, Test
    It is very important to test it before installation of cable. Want to check before buying the product terms of service and return policy of the merchant Also, do not the cable has been buried in the floor or set in the wall after found not suitable for video playback before the layout of the newly purchased cable and take at least a few hours to test it.

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