Home Defense Weapons: Extremely Useful and Necessary

by Sandrila Jones Content Writer
In this crazy world where you can never trust strangers and circumstances, the importance of defense weapons enhances. There are large number of ladies who live alone or whose partner have moving job and require traveling to different cities and countries. Here, they are required to live along for prolonged period of time. Some of them fear to live alone as they have heard numerous stories of assaults, burglary and rape. But they cannot always invite their friends to live with them or go to their parents’ home. Here, home defense weapons and self defense weapons become their perfect companion.

The home defense weapons includes glass breakage alarm, door safety alarm, dog barking alarm, pool safety alarm and more.

Glass Breakage Alarm: When an intruder knocks breaks or bangs the glass window or door to enter your home, the glass breakage alarm will instantly start sounding. This will surely alert you and you can call police help to arrest the intruder.

Door Safety Alarm: The alarm will have a sensor attached and whenever any person will come at close proximity to the alarm, it will immediately inform you about the same and you can take instant action.

Door Barking Alarm: The high-end technology enables the alarm to see through brick, glass, wood and cement. Thus, when the alarm will sense an intruder entering the guarded area, it will start barking like a dog. It will make the intruder believe that you have kept a dog in your home and it will scare him away.

Pool Safety Alarm: This alarm is actually very important if you have young or infant children at home. It is actually not a defense alarm from intruder, but will guard the safety of the child. When the child will come in close proximity of the alarm attached at the pool side, it will immediately give you indication that the child is in danger of falling in the pool. You can instantly rush to the pool side and save the child.

Apart from home defense devices, you can also buy self defense weapons like stun guns, pepper spray and more. You can keep these items in your bag and use it when a person tries to attack you. The stun gun will give an electric shock to the person and will make him motionless for 30 minutes. Pepper spray will cause pain to the attacker and will give you ample time to escape and call for help!

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