HID, The Only Safe Light For Your Car And Motorcycle

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Only once you use the High Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon kityou will realize the huge contrast between this kit and the standard halogen light kit. The standard halogen light has a halogen gas filled around a filament in a bulb. The filament is heated white hot by the passage of an electric current while the halogen gas prevents the filament from oxidation. These bulbs are longer lasting than the earlier incandescent bulbs. However, the problems with filaments and their brittle quality continues to remain unaltered. Therefore, one of the major drawbacks with the halogen bulbs is its durability. The HID kit lasts for as much as ten years and 3000 hours of use and these figures are way beyond the performance levels of the halogen lights. This explains the applaud for the HID kit in the HID kit review.

The HID xenon kit is filled with a noble gas such as xenon inside a quartz tube. There is no filament to light up. There are two electrodes, across which an arc jumps when current is passed by the ballasts. This arc is similar to the lightening across the sky. The light is three times more intense than that received from a halogen light bulb. Since no current is used to heat a non-existent filament, the xenon kit consumes 35% less power compared to the halogen light. The HID kit performs in the 4300k to 6000k color range. As daylight falls in the 4300k color range, the HID closely simulates daylight and is therefore more acceptable and less fatiguing than the halogen light of the 2300k color range.

The hid kit review has several words of admiration for the HID kit including the fact that it is a great product and available at a modest price. Customers are equally happy with the simplicity involved in the installation procedure on account of the fact that the HID xenon kit not require any modification. On an average an installation normally does not take more than 30 minutes. To help yourself further, you can also order a video explaining the installation if you wish. The kits enjoy a one year warranty and you have the option to extend this period to a lifetime warranty as well. Every kit delivered contains two HID bulbs, two ballasts and two brackets for the installation. Finally, the kits are shipped out from within the USA and this is the reason why HID kit review has appreciated the speed of shipment and the standard of customer service provided.

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