Heart Valve Replacement Surgery as a Heart Treatment Surgery

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It is almost tragic that with the massive leaps of success that the field of medical research has taken, there has not been a significant improvement in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. A valve present in the heart normally allows blood to flow in only one direction. The four major ones commonly represented in a mammalian heart determine the pathway of blood flow throughout the most important organ in the body. A cardiovascular failure almost invariably requires a heart valve replacement surgery.

Hospitals for Heart Valve Replacement in India

Here are five reasons why Aortic Valve Replacement cost in India depends on which city the individual decides to get the surgery done and it varies between INR 80,000 to 8, 50,000. Surgery Cost also depends upon the type of Heart Hospitals .These transplants as a cutting edge form of medical treatment should be encouraged because of the great strides that medicinal science has taken here:

  1. It is dangerous to ignore obvious signs of heart disease:

Abnormal activity in the cardiovascular region of the human body is not a condition that should be ignored when treatment is recommended. These problems can later turn out to be extremely fatal if left unsupervised. When a person’s aortic stenosis becomes severe, the average survival rate without surgical intervention is only 50 percent after two years and only 20 percent after five years. In some cases, medications may be prescribed for patients with valvar disease to reduce unpleasant symptoms that accompany milder forms of the disorder.

Top Cardiac Surgeons in India

  1. Minimally invasive procedures involved in heart valve replacement surgery:

Heart prosthesis surgery is performed under general anesthesia with techniques that are either conventional or minimally invasive. Conventional surgery requires a large incision from the patient’s neck to their navel. If they have less invasive surgery, the length of their incision can be shorter and they can also reduce their risk of infection. For a surgeon to successfully remove the diseased valve and replace it with a new one, their heart must be still which is nothing to be afraid of or a major cause of concern. This is one of the major reasons why heart valve replacement surgery comes recommended by leading Cardiothoracic surgeons.

Heart Valve Replacement Cost in India

  1. Better be safe than sorry:

Dysfunction in the heart’s valvar region is usually a progressive disease, and among those who receive no treatment, the outlook can be poor. But many who do receive treatment go on to live very full and healthy lives, especially when their cardiovascular risks are otherwise low. Ball valve replacement is most definitely a very complex procedure requiring the expertise of distinguished cardiologists but it should be considered a viable option since it allows the patient a shot at leading a long and comfortable life.

  1. Minimum time taken to recover:

The majority of Prosthetic replacement recipients remain in the hospital for approximately five to seven days. If the patient’s surgery was minimally invasive, they might be able to go home earlier. Medical staff will offer pain medication as needed and continuously monitor their blood pressure, breathing, and heart function during the first few days after offering treatment to the diseased individual. Full recovery may take a few weeks or up to several months, depending on their rate of healing and the type of surgery that was performed on them. It is important that the patient keeps in touch with their cardiologist to confirm that they did not catch an infection post-surgery.

Heart Hospitals in India

  1. Highly successful survival rates:

These kinds of surgery have a high rate of success and a low risk of causing other problems if the patient is otherwise healthy. Although most people have successful outcomes, there is a risk of death and serious problems during surgery. Valve related surgeries is high-risk for people who have a failing left ventricle and who have had previous heart attacks. About 5 or less out of 100 people who have had cardiac surgery die, which is a good statistic, all things considered.


As with all surgeries, there are inherent risks attached to it. You can reduce your risks by choosing a top cardiac surgeon and surgery center with well-documented experience treating patients with similar conditions as yours. Because every patient’s risk factors are different, your doctor and your hospital personnel will be able to assess your risks and choose the best treatment option available from Top Cardiac Hospitals in India for you.

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