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by Drss Health Executive

Since the evolution of mankind, it has been struggling to one or other diseases. The diseases, which are visible, are still easier to cure than diseases which are invisible. Amnesia is also such a disease, which directly involves the function of the memory. At the beginning of the disease, it just seems to have a forgetful habit, which later gets the form of a disease, which needs an urgent treatment. With the passage of time, and in case of an old age, the situation of the patient suffering from this disease becomes graver as all the symptoms of amnesia play its role.

The Disease:

Amnesia is such a medical condition in which initially person forgets small things such as words or names. With the development of Amnesia, the situation also becomes serious and patient starts forgetting his own identity such as Name, Background, age, Address etc. Though this happens with old age person, but can happen to people of other age also. This disease can be categorized into two classes as- part Amnesia and complete amnesia. In part Amnesia, the patient cannot remember recent events, names or words, but past memory functions well while, in complete Amnesia,  no memory functions perfectly.

The Causes:

There are many causes, which lead to Amnesia. Old age is one of the primary causes. Even in case of head injury or tumor also, Amnesia can be caused. The consumption of alcohol can also lead to Amnesia in the long term. Depression, hysteria, injury to brain, low blood supply to brain cells, brain infection, deficiency of vitamin b12 etc are other causes, which can lead to Amnesia.

The Symptoms:

There are many symptoms to identify this disease. The patient may ask for the same thing repeatedly despite  it is given to him. The patient may not be able to recollect and use the correct word at the right time. The patient may do the same thing again and again or forget the things kept by him, which is in general terms known as absent mindedness. The most important symptom is person forget his own identity, address and even neighborhood areas.

The treatment:

There are many diseases for which still better solution is under development. But as medical science has different branches, homeopathic Amnesia Treatment is widely acknowledged as a powerful tool to cure the same. There are different fields in medical science, and other branches are still under research  to develop a better cure for it. Homeopathy is widely known for its different treatment as it is a completely side effect fee treatment. It treats the disease from its base and does not leave any possibility of facing the same disease again. There are many medicines, which control and cure the disease very well. Due to the treatment and its effects only, homeopathy has got popular world wide. Anacardium,  Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, Digitalis, Plumbum Met, Arnica Montana, Mercurius, Natrum Mur, Kali Phos, Natrum Carb, Zincum Met, and many other medicines can help to cure Amnesia.

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