Handmade Soap VS. Store Bought Soap

by George Seiman Web developer

Have you ever discovered that you were allergic to a specific kind of store bought soap? Perhaps there are a certain number of store bought soaps that you just can't purchase because of what they do to your skin? The symptoms may include things such as rough, dry, irritated, and itchy skin. In an attempt to figure out exactly what is causing these allergic reactions, you may decide to take a closer look at the ingredients of these store brought soaps to see if you can find any similarities. When you do this, what you discover may shock you. This is because the vast majority of all store bought soaps are nothing more than a brew of various toxic chemicals. It is hard to believe that some of these companies actually got away with calling these toxic combinations of chemicals "soap."

The unnerving truth is that chemicals such as Imidazolidinyl and Diazolidinyl Urea are pretty commonly used store bought soaps. Now, these same chemicals have been documented by many experts to be toxic. It is also fairly common to find Propylene Glycol in store bought soaps which is a chemical mix that has been known to cause both toxic and allergic reactions. The chemical Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is pretty commonly found in a lot of "natural" shampoos. It is used because it is a detergent and it will make the soap foam. What the label on these "natural" shampoos do not tell you is that this particular chemical can cause eye irritation, rashes, hair loss, dandruff, and allergic reactions. Is keeping your hair clean with a fancy store bought "natural" shampoo really worth all of those nasty medical side effects?

Most people avoid handmade soap because they do not know anything about it. They go for store bought soap because it is attached to the name of a manufacturer that is well known and extremely popular. The unfortunate truth is just because a manufacturer is popular and well known; it does not mean that the products they sell are necessarily good for you.

Another reason why individuals tend to avoid handmade soap is because it is often more expensive. This is the unfortunate downside to anything with the words "organic" or "natural" attached to them. Handmade soap is more expensive because it is made with whole, fresh, and organic ingredients. It isn't packed full of chemicals that sacrifice your health in exchange for heavy duty cleaning. Handmade soaps contain the following ingredients organic oils, organic herbs, organic spices, botanical concentrates, and grains. It is extremely rare that you would find any kind of animal by-product being used in handmade soaps. When you decide to use handmade soap you avoid coming in contact with artificial preservatives, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, detergents, alcohols and d-limonene. Using handmade soaps regularly is not only going to keep you clean, but it will improve the health of your hair and your skin. Never again will you have to worry about the amount of toxins that your skin and hair are consuming every time you use store bought soap.

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