Hair Loss Solutions - The truth about home hair loss remedies for prevent hair loss

by Hari Jones Hair Loss Concealer

Conventional wisdom realizes an unlimited number of home hair loss remedies to prevent hair loss. Do they work in reality?

Internet pages are full of home remedies that promise to prevent hair loss. One of the most striking is to liquefy garlic, onions and a squeeze of lemon and water, rub the mixture into the scalp and leave it on overnight. There is no scientific evidence to show the effectiveness of treatment but who has the courage to do surely have marital or family problems because of the fragrant mixture.

Another mixture of home remedies that are considered magic to prevent hair loss is nettle, basil and watercress in preparation and implementation similar to the above. Or the tomato mixture and cloves, saffron milk, egg whites and even coconut milk. Based on these natural elements have developed countless products that promise to stop hair loss and even his reappearance.

But the funny thing is that there are those who believe stand head and feet up for five minutes a day, increases blood flow and helps to keep the hair that has not yet fallen.

Front headstands trick to prevent hair loss, the only thing I can say is that if it worked, we would see bald people walking on their hands in the street. As for other remedies for baldness, it is important that all those ingredients that work best in salads or any other recipe, in the scalp, since it is scientifically proven that these home remedies help to prevent falls hair. Some of them delaying the loss but not against falling, especially when dealing with people who have a genetic predisposition.

To treat common baldness (the most common type of hair loss among people with this condition and the only guy who could be), the Food and Drug Administration (known as FDA) approved a lotion called Minoxidil for cosmetic uses, applied twice daily in the amounts indicated, improves blood flow to the follicles, the tiny spaces where every hair-born and can stop hair loss. These results are not seen immediately, wait a few months and if it works, continue using it to keep working. Your doctor also may prescribe you some pills called Propecia, which is another approved Hair Loss Treatment.

But, if the cause of hair loss is not due to common baldness but something else (stress, hypothyroidism, other hormonal changes, side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy, other medications or stress) then you do not need to go to any of home remedies for hair loss  mentioned. Just go to the dermatologist, who will determine if the hair loss is reversible and proper treatment will tell you, without "be fooled."

Given the above, and if after seeing the dermatologist neither hair treatment works for you, the best "trick" to support (not to prevent) hair loss is the resignation ... and, of course, you can ask about the ability to make implants.

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