Gyroscopic Survey Tools Ensure Accuracy of Down hole Surveys

by Stockholm Precision Tools AB Sales team

Traditionally gyroscopic survey tools calculate azimuth, inclination and tool face; a pendulum being used along with a compass to measure the inclination. A change in the azimuth leads to a change in the compass positioning while the gyro wheel retains its orientation. The compass detects tool rotation and its angle in relation to the gyro, which, if not aligned with true North, leads to inaccuracies in down hole surveys. 

The modern gyroscopic survey tool cuts out all the shortcomings and provides precise, accurate down hole directional surveys based on north seeking gyros. Working in conjunction with a rugged tablet and interfacing with the latest software, SPT gyroscopic survey tools have wire line connectivity besides Bluetooth data transfer. SPT gyroscopic survey tools establish a true North reference point and remain unaffected by magnetic influences throughout the survey process regardless of depth or direction. For greater precision and reliability, engineers can use it in continuous mode, multi or single shot depending on the down hole conditions and site survey.

Even among modern gyroscopic survey tool, SPT gyros stand out for ruggedness, precision and accuracy regardless of site conditions. These tools measure in all directions, are capable of continuous high-speed surveys and are compact in design. Data obtained is easily integrated into Excel and other formats; setup is fast with guaranteed azimuth accuracy of 0.5 degrees, inclination accuracy of 0.1% and roll accuracy of 0.1 degrees with an operating temperature of between -20 to 85 deg. C.  As opposed to mechanical gyros, SPT gyroscopic survey tools use quartz technology in the accelerometers for high precision and stability. The gyroscopic survey tool combines sensors, intuitive software and powerful microprocessors for unsurpassed performance. Compact, lightweight and well integrated, SPT gyro tools have made down hole surveys faster, reducing costs and labor while assuring success and a rapid ROI. Set up is quick and easy. There is no need to deploy an engineer on site and the hardware-software integration almost eliminates human error. If at all there is a need for repairs, SPT has a technical team qualified to give the service to the client in every situation and, thanks to its modular design, turn around times are fast. 

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