Grow A Massive Downline Fast Cash Action Plan Part One

by Joe Sansoucie Advertising Your Business Is My Business
Grow A Massive Downline Fast Cash Action Plan.

If you have little or no budget for your online business, following this fast cash action plan maybe the perfect way for you to start making money online.

It will require you to be patient, diligent, and stay with it to achieve success.  There is nothing really difficult to generating income online, however it does require a road map so you don't get lost along the way.

The real beauty is that you can share this plan with your referrals or your list and not only will you get results, so will those who follow the plan as well.

I have divided it into sections starting with the no budget plan which will work for anyone who follows it.  I will cover the low budget plan in part two of this series so be sure to bookmark and share this page.

Every business needs start up cash to get the wheels rolling and online is no different, you need a way to generate cash flow, $5's, $10's, $20's, $100's so you can afford the 5 essential business tools which are your domain, web hosting, tracking service, autoresonder service, splash and lead capture page service.

You will absolutely need an advertising budget of at least $100.00 per month to start, more is much better of course.  Don't worry, I will show you how to generate the income needed to get the tools and pay for your advertising.  At first though you may be out of pocket for a few months to get things rolling along.  It also depends a lot on your dependability to do the daily work required to reap the rewards.  I've done it already and I can testify that it does work if you work it, it's up to you but stick with it and in the end you will discover yourself earning reliably every month.

The Fast Cash Action Plan Details:

Paid to click sites are everywhere however few are worth your time and effort and who will reliably pay you what you earn.  The following are not new sites which in itself is a testimony to the safety and reliability of these programs.  I've been a member and a happily paid member of the following sites.  In some cases I took the upgrade because it made and still makes dollars and cents to do so.  I suggest you do the same if you are able.  The difference in earning is noticeable if you do.

1. Clixsense - Pays 8 levels, upgrade is only $17.00 per year.  Take this one serious and you will earn more than you think you would.  Excellent ad resource as well.

2. Wordlinx - Pays 10 levels, upgrade is $17.00 for verified per year.  You get more ads when you are verified, highly recommended.  Their advertising is excellent and highly recommended.

3. Scarlet-Clicks - Upgrade costs $50.00 per year, pays you 100% of your referrals daily earnings.  If they earn $10.00 collectively for the day, you do too.  They also offer affordable advertising recommended.

4. Topsurfer - Offers cash surfing as well as their wholesale membership which pays you 100% profit paid directly and instantly to you.  The cost is only $10.00 so once you sell one, you break even.  Every one after that is 100% profit paid to you.

5. Earn Your Upgrade - You can't pay for your upgrade here, however you can work for it and get some of the best list mailers available today including upgrades, huge ad packs.  Simply surf 500 sites before midnight each night and you earn points you can use towards your upgrades, plus $0.50 cents per day. Do this one every day for 30 days and you earn $15.00.  While this is not a lot of money, you can cash out and use the money to get the Topsurfer wholesale membership and start earning $10.00 payments.

The first three Paid to Click sites  over time will provide additional cash flow you can use for more advertising, or upgrades to increase your income each month.

6. Join Grow A Massive Downline and pay the $10.00 one time payment from your earnings from the four sites above.  Remember your goal is to generate the income from the PTC sites to pay for the Topsurfer wholesale membership to open up your earnings.  Use the income from the sale of Topsurfer wholesale memberships and traffic package to upgrade in Clixsense, Wordlinx, and Scarlet-Clicks.

7. Add the four sites to your Grow A Massive Downline program list.

8. Send traffic to your Grow A Massive Downline referral link.

The system is designed to sort the tire kickers from the more serious proven buyers from all the referrals who sign up to Grow A Massive Downline.  What you're left with is the cream of the crop who will now have the opportunity to join the same four sites you are promoting.

Proven buyers are more likely to upgrade in all four which of course will earn you commissions when this happens.

Naturally your results will be based on your own efforts to advertise and market effectively to drive people to your referral link.  One link is all you need to generate long term growth and income from all four programs.

Not only that, the rate at which you earn from the PTC sites will depend on you clicking all the ads every single day without missing.  It may seem like pennies at first and indeed it is, however it starts to add up pretty fast the longer you stay with it.  Stick with it trust me.

Once you have $10.00 earned at Clixsense, request payout.  Then use that to get your wholesale membership at Topsurfer.  This or use the earn your upgrade tactic described above.

9. Once you complete your clicking of the ads in the PTC sites each day, stop into your favorite social site and use their built in advertising tools to invite people to your Grow A Massive Downline referrals link.  Remember each person who joins may end up in your downline in all four of your programs.

10.  If you have any list to use, send an invite to them using your link again to send them to your sorting machine.  This is done to find the people who potentially will upgrade from which you will earn a commission.

Final note:  While this is not the end of the plan, if you use this plan for several months you should find yourself in a position to upgrade, purchase traffic, even pay a few bills along the way.

Since you're starting without any money or budget to work with, this will be a slow growth situation as you work the PTC sites to payout level.  I have several more PTC sites if you wish to add them to your own portfolio, all of which have reliably paid me.  PM me if you wish to get my personal list.

Of course if you find you can spend a few dollars here and there, then the Topsurfer wholesale membership is the best starting point to earn money.  You're paid instantly, directly, without waiting for a commission payday, now it's every day if you wish.

Simple little businesses like these offer anyone with any experience to tap into fast ways to earn daily cash.  The only thing missing on your part is taking action. Do nothing earn nothing.

Stay tuned for part two!

Resources mentioned in article.

Clixsense | Wordlinx | Scarlet-Clicks | Topsurfer | Earn Your Upgrade
Grow A Massive Downline

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Krishnamurthi Balaji Advanced  Small deviation gets big Variation!
Thank you so much for sharing this! Really worthwhile taking a chance! I have been a member already in two of the sites mentioned, but the pity is I was not that active as you have mentioned. Now I will continue as per your plan suggested. Thanks again, Bye!
Oct 28th 2012 06:07   
Joe Sansoucie Professional   Advertising Your Business Is My Business
The biggest key is to stick with what you select to promote. I see people jumping around like a pin ball and never realize the program, product, or services real potential. The programs I listed make real money make no mistake. If you don't have a plan, this one will give you a great start. The other key is massive traffic daily. It's a must.
Oct 28th 2012 06:36   
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