Grow A Massive Downline Effectively Using Guaranteed Sign Ups

by Joe Sansoucie Advertising Your Business Is My Business
Although guaranteed sign ups has been around for as long as Paid To Click sites many marketers may not understand how to use them effectively.

The way it works is simple.  You need sign ups lets say to win a referrals contest in your favorite traffic exchanges, safelist, or text ad exchange, even PTC sites and you need it fast.

Using guaranteed sign ups may be the most cost effective way to get on the leader board! You can order guaranteed sign ups worldwide or country specific making it useful for many online offers.

The key to effectively using these sign ups is to first send them to your lead capture page.  They are paid to sign up so let them sign up to your mailing list and by requiring them to confirm their email address in order to get paid, you will be adding people to your list effectively quick.

Now not everyone who signs up will stick, however if your marketing system is productive and effective, you will end up with the desired results with many people who will stay on your list.

Those are the people you're really looking for and if you compare spending $19.00 for some traffic that may or may not produce any sign ups, to using guaranteed sign ups for the same price, you can see it can be a solution you can use today.

Some people may say it doesn't work, however as I described above it's better to send them to your lead capture page first, then to the program you wish them to join.

If you just send these sign ups to your company registration form, they will sign up, and never login leaving you with little or no way to contact them later.  By first getting them onto your list, those who confirm their email address you will be able to contact for as long as they stay subscribed.

Using Guaranteed sign ups is just another method of advertising which you can tap into like a faucet that springs forth new referrals.  The cost is not, and the results can be more than you realize.

When Peoplestring (remember them?) was "hot"  my friend and I used guaranteed sign ups to add people to our downlines. They were required to not only sign up but to contact us using the Peoplestring email system.  This meant the sign up had to go through a few qualifying steps in order to be paid for it.

We found almost a quarter of the people remained which is huge if you think about it and the cost was so little we could do it over and over.

You could do the same using Apsense, by first ordering your guaranteed sign ups and leading them to your capture page.  They opt in, confirm and upon confirmation you send them to your Apsense sign up form.  Once they sign up you can contact them here on Apsense and your list.

If you haven't tried using guaranteed sign ups I recommend trying it using my tips on first getting them on your list or at least a contact on Apsense.  You never know when you will refer your next rock star or where they may be located online.

As a membership site owner, you can use guaranteed sign ups to get new members fast!  The key is to have a filtration system or screening process in use to find and locate your target market, your perfect customer.

Bottom line the use of guaranteed sign ups cannot be ignored and if you are a new marketer online, this can help you win the contest or even earn commissions faster.

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tactics from Grow A Massive Downline.

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Patty Scheeler Professional   Integrity Networker Owner
Nice article about purchasing opt-ins Joe. I have used a service like this before to get people into free opportunities with the ability to upgrade. I was surprised to see how many actually upgraded and stayed :) Thanks for sharing!
Nov 4th 2012 15:14   
Tony H. Professional   Myandurbiz
Thanx for the info Joe, I am going to use this offer with my business program.
Nov 4th 2012 16:10   
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