Google Glass Advantages those are going to change it all

by Shannon Carnton Web Designing and Web Development

As a head mounted computer that also has a camera and a microphone Google Glass can actually see what you see and hear what you hear and there are Google Glass Advantages those can not only almost completely change ones personal lifestyle but also make different industries modify the way they operate for improved efficiency in future. There is certainly some security concerns related with the use of the Glass but developers are also required to understand that neither the Glass nor the applications are designed for life logging or intend documenting your day. Tough there is still no organizing software available Glass is designed to serve as a smart device that is always ready to listen to your commands, answering your questions, alerting you with relevant and timely messages and also for performing a variety of other operations. The smart phone like display that is used for displaying all information is placed in a way that it doesn't obstruct your direct line of vision and when you are not using any of the Glass features it can be easily ignored. With the wide range of Google Glasses Applications Development that is also taking place it is almost certain that Glass is going to be an extraordinary product and the one major challenge that now lies before Google is to turn it into a successful consumer product.

The advantages

As a futuristic wearable device with more sophisticated features and abilities than the smart phones and tablets the Glass brings in many different advantages for its users like

·         The glass is sleekly designed, easily wearable and also lightweight so users can keep wearing it without any inconvenience when they are not using it. As it is and required to put on and off again and again you feel more comfortable.

·         Unlike the smart phones or tablets presently available in the market you don’t need to separately activate the camera or the Bluetooth when the Glass is on for connecting with other compatible devices or for capturing images and videos.

·         Instantly provide the users with detailed information and satisfactory results for their queries using its in built search engine.

·         Similar to a smart phone, you can use the Google Glass for making and receiving calls, sending SMS, receiving and responding to your emails and also connect with your contacts on a social networking platform.

·         Users can also maintain calendar events, contact list and other information on the Glass and also easily update or modify them whenever necessary.

·         It can help users in easier navigation using Google Maps and with it’s built in GPS.

·         There are Google Glass apps already built for performing a variety of tasks hands free like capturing images, audio and video recording, accessing Google Maps for direction and easy navigation, checking time and date etc.

·         Convenience of usage is another major advantage of the Glass as it can receive commands by push button, eye and head movement and is also capable of receiving voice commands for all its operations.

·         Google has also made Google Glasses Applications Development an open platform so that any developer or company has the ability of implementing new apps and add to the advantages.

There is no denying the fact that there are Google Glass Advantages those can almost completely change the way people do things both at personal and professional level and as new and more sophisticated apps are expected to come in the Glass is certainly expected to have a great future ahead.

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