Golf Secrets

by Darshika Prakash Student
Are you interested in Golf? Want to know more secrets involved in golf? This article will be more useful to you. Read it out.

Our goal is to help every golfer feel good about their swing and help them with their power game. With our help, every golfer can add 20-50 yards to their swing easily and make golf much more enjoyable.

For over 100 years golf has been played the same old way. Let's face it, everyone wants to hit the long ball. But do it confidently and naturally every time you step into the tee box, that's the secret.

We will teach you a method that can be produced every time you drive the ball.

Speciality of our Book

~Not based on muscle memory

~Curves any slice

~Gives you the perfect back swing and downswing

~Makes the golf swing EASY

~Increase your club head speed 30% in the Power Zone

~Save up to 10 strokes a round and cut your handicap by 5 strokes

~Take your longest drive right now and add 30 yards to it

~No one else can teach you this technology

There are two important items in golf.  Technique (how you swing) and Technology (what you swing), and they are both from the total opposite sides of the golfing spectrum.  Until now!

Let’s think about the dreaded TECHNIQUE.  It goes something like this, head down left arm straight, stick out your butt, don’t move your head, put your keys in your left pocket, don’t wiggle, put your right foot in and shake it all about, WAIT!! WAIT!! WAIT A MINUTE!!  Who can remember all of the TECHNIQUE stuff and still make the perfect shot? No One!!

Every year golfers pour hundreds of millions of dollars into golf equipment.  The little bit of their kid’s college fund that’s left goes into some type of instruction.  There are over 25 million golfers under achieving at the game they love, and looking in all the wrong places for what they hope, are all the right answers to their golfing woes.

The simple solution to their problem is the ultimate technique artist, me, Jack (the Hammer) Hamm. I have traveled the world teaching and demonstrating my incredibly effective, powerful, repeatable, and almost “how come I didnt’ think of that” simplistic hitting technique “The Hammer Secret”. With A Guinness World Record swing speed of 162 miles per hour,as recorded by Golf Digest, no golfer, dead or alive has ever equaled the incredible power of “the Hammer”.  It’s 100% technique.   “Give me 30 minutes with Daly, Couples, Norman or Nicklaus and I will add 30 yards to their drives”. “Give me 30 minutes with any golfer anywhere and I guarantee them a minimum of 30 yards.” Oh by the way, one of my world records is a monstrous drive of 458 yards in the air, think of it, over a quarter of a mile in the air, that’s some Technique!

you will get bonus video instruction CD with our book

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