Glass partition has exquisite material construction

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The use of glass in the family, not only conducive to daylighting, make indoor and outdoor landscape is an organic whole repeatedly, reduce the tightening feeling small space, but also can reflect master fashion modern unique temperament.Therefore, gradually become the latest must-haves in the burgeoning family decorate glass.Ordinary consumers may not too clear, seemingly ordinary glass sort is various, according to the different need to choose the corresponding glass is very necessary.

In common glass partition, common glass partition is concise and lively, beautiful stained glass partition and free from vulgarity, sand blasting or carved glass partition nobility is elegant, crackle glass partition mystery emptiness...The visual effect of different actually all is dependent on different material created.

The effect of crack of the glass partition Must by special impact after fracture, toughened glass glue after the special craft, so no two pieces of the same design, accord with the characteristics of the modern pursuit of personality.Choose the glass partition is the first thing is a choice of the pattern.Crack stretches the fresh work best.
Common glass partition The seemingly simple actually otherwise.One of the best is laminated glass are rare on the market at present.The advantages of this kind of glass surface looks and common glass, there is no different, but in the accidental collision occurs, the shards of glass will be firmly stick to the glass in the Saflex PVB film, not collapse spatter debris, more will not pose a threat to personal safety.Experts point out that glass, laminated glass is completely in the sense of safety glass.

Stained glass partition Is a colorful art glass as the main body of partition, with a dreamy color transformation, create a special artistic effect.So choose color glass partition, the most important thing is tonal to be consistent with the adornment style of whole room.Must stress is that when a single piece of glass too, such as more than 1 square meters), tell from the architecture is larger security hidden danger, therefore, in does not affect the overall effect of at the same time, should as far as possible will be divided into small pieces of glass, or appropriate increase the frame rate, reduce the risk of glass suffered a collision.If you can find satisfactory color laminated glass is also a good choice.

Sand blasting cut glass partition The hazy and almost luxurious effect, is incomparable by other types of products.Cut and the material requirements of gush arenaceous glass partition is also the most demanding.The personage inside course of study points out, glass partition commonly required high strength and excellent safety performance in raw material to produce glass.Toughened glass and laminated glass can meet their requirement.But when the carved glass, toughened glass strength will be reduced sharply, even surface scratches will produce such effects.When the stress increases, these defects will play a role, is the most common cause of glass split.So, the use of toughened glass production hand-cut and gush arenaceous partition are not appropriate, and should be interlining should be adopted, and other types of glass glass.
In addition, if you need to use glass partition at the same time sound insulation, had better use with the membrane in the middle of the laminated glass.Solutia was conducted on the performance of the Saflex PVB film strict test, the experiment shows that the membrane has the acoustic barrier function.In this film processed glass for audio in above 500 hz noise barrier effect of 40 db, the equivalent of from the hustle and bustle at the centre of the road into a whispered softly.

The above is to install partition when demand for glass, consumers must be treated with caution, which permits no neglect.Master these features, the installation on the glass partition in the display of the designer's unique can also reflects the strong affection of love family.

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