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Welcome to the next generation of internet income opportunities! Here you will find all the information that you will need to be successful in our program. We recommend that you read it all at first, and then use it for reference later on. You are free to click on any of the categories below at any time. We have tried to make it easy to understand every aspect of our program.

General Information

First - you may be thinking - how do we get the money to pay you if you do not have to sell anything? That's because we do the selling for you. We sell advertising and advertisers will pay us for the privilege of sending you email advertisements. The most marketable product on the internet is advertising. Billions and billions of dollars are spent every year on internet advertising and that will keep on increasing every year. Now you know where we get the money to pay you.

Now that you know where all the money will be coming from, we are going to show you how we will disburse it. Here is how we structured our disbursement of ALL funds:

60% is paid out to members for reading emails
10% goes to the Revenue Sharing Pool
10% goes to the Retirement Pool
10% goes out as bonuses for referrals
10% goes 5% for operations and 5% profits
That totals 100%. Our system is fully automated so these will be disbursed automatically every time an advertising purchase is made.

How do I make money?

First, you get the free $10.00 in your account. Our payout minimum is ONLY $20.00, so you are half way there already! Now - you can go 2 ways. You can either just read $10.00 worth of emails (to hit your $20 payout amount) OR you can easily make another $5.00 by referring others and then you will just need $5.00 from reading emails. We will pay you $1.00 each for your first 3 referrals. We will then pay you $0.50 each for the next 4 referrals. So - you can make another $5.00 just by getting 7 referrals. And we will pay $0.25 for EVERY referral after that as well...with no limits...and HUGE referral bonuses which will be explained below! There are banners and advertising texts located in your member's area. You can use these for recruiting purposes. Please note - there is a $5.00 minimum requirement from reading emails which you must meet to be paid.

Revenue Sharing

We allocated 10% of all revenue for Revenue Sharing. This is not "profit sharing" where you ONLY get a percentage of profits - this is Revenue Sharing where 10% of all funds are placed into this aspect of our program. How do you get to share revenues? All you need to do is get 1 (one) payout of $20.00 or more and you will get 1 share in our Revenue Sharing Pool. And then you will get an additional share every time that you cash out with $20.00 or more after that. Revenue sharing will be determined by how many people have shares and divided equally on a per share basis. There is no limit as to how many shares you may accumulate. This is a lifetime revenue share - you will get paid for life as long as you are an active member!

Who we are

We are a consortium of 11 business people from around the world. We do have 3 offices in the United States, one in Germany, and one in Indonesia. The founders all have experience in internet marketing, website creation and design, ecommerce, and various other specialties. As our business grows, we will designate a centralized office to handle all business matters.

Our key consortium member/owner is Jeff Strong who owns numerous websites and programs on the internet. His office is located just outside of Portland, Oregon, USA. He has been actively involved in various internet ventures for the past 12 years.

Retirement Pool

We allocated 10% of all funds to our Retirement Pool. To get 1 (one) share in our Retirement Pool, all you have to do is get 2 (two) payouts of $20.00 or more. You will get 1 (one) share after your second cash out and then one share for every cash out after that! And there is also no limit to how many shares you may have. This is also a lifetime benefit. You will keep getting paid as long as you are an active member!

Join with us to make money..

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