Free Attractions - 50 Free Things to do in the United Kingdom

by Jhon Smith Blogger

The United Kingdom is an amazing destination, to say the very least, to go to on a holiday. IT can be so that tourists from other parts of the world would be concerned about spending what would be considered or thought of by them to be an inordinate amount of money on their trip. However, it the tourists keep in mind just how many free things there are to be done all across the United Kingdom, it can be said that they would really not feel as if they are spending an amount which is beyond their means.

The first free thing which is to be done by a tourist who is paying a visit to the United Kingdom is to pay a visit to some of the beaches that can be visited. It is a fun and interesting fact to keep in mind that no place in the entirety of the United Kingdom is located at a distance which is more than what can be covered over the course of a couple of hours’ worth of travel. That being said, it is also to be kept in mind that due to the cold Gulf Stream current and the beaches, which could probably be thought of as the anti-thesis to the sandy beaches a tourist would come across in a tropical area, swimming is an activity which is unsafe in most of the region.

A visit to the United Kingdom can really not be considered too close to complete sans a visit to the capital city i.e. a visit to London. While the city does have a reputation of being an expensive city not only to live in but also to visit, a reputation which does not do it any real favours, at the same time there is no dearth, at all, of things to do which would not cost a visitor even a penny. Visiting the many free museums of the city is just a single option while another option is to be a visitor who experiences piece in such a big city by going on a walk in one of the many lush, green parks the city has to offer; not a bad way to spend time, by any measure.

Hotels near Craven Hill are a very good choice, in a general sense, for a place to stay at for the duration of the trip which is being made by a visitor to London as the hotels in the area are located in a manner that is quite advantageous and by virtue of their location, a tourist who is in London is greatly saved from the pain of having to spend an amount of time that is inordinate going around the city to engage in the free things which are to be done.

A hotel, in particular, which can be said to be a good option which is to be evaluated by a person who is planning a trip to the capital city is none other than the Grand Park London which is a hotel which has earned itself a reputation for being a hotel which provides its guests with not only a stay that is rather comfortable but also a stay which leads the guest to conclude that he or she has really got bang for his or her buck.

When it comes to the United Kingdom, there really is no shortage of things which are to be done; which also happen to cost nothing at all. AS a result of this, a person who is paying a visit should really do as much as possible so as to be able to take up as many experiences without having to blow a hole in his or her wallet, by any measure.

Even to those people who have not stepped foot on the soil of the United Kingdom, quite a few are cognisant of the fact that St. George is the patron saint of England; like St. Patrick is the patron saint of the country that is the neighbour to the United Kingdom; on the western side, that is, the Republic of Ireland. However, it is to be noted that this was not always the case, by a long shot. As a matter of fact, Bury St Edmunds is a place which increases in importance in this regard as it was none other than St Edmund, who was once the King of East Anglia, who was the patron saint of England.

While it is unfortunate to take note of the fact that not much of the original area has been able to pass the test of time successfully; the area is still well worth paying a visit. The landmarks and the medieval buildings are simply beautiful, to say the very least.

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