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by Taru Mishra franchisezing
Spreading over the combat-field.
There are many industrial experts who endorse the concept of Franchise in India. Lending a brand and earning huge profits by virtue of it is a sagacious idea. Big business tycoons are willing to lend their trademarks to newbie businesses. The more the number of hands the higher is the collection (bucks) in consumer market. However, they say that a brilliant concept comes with a lot of hardships. Today's contemporary market is so combative that even ideas from marketing gurus will have to face a lot of struggle and hassles. However, the urge to boom makes business houses go for the competition. So they are ready to spread over the battlefield.
It is better for you to borrow than creating your own.
If the business idea has substance it will lure huge number of franchisees. Most new entrants aspire to join big wheels in the corporate vineyard. The established companies are like trees that offer fruits of opportunities to penetrate into a hard-nut (tough consumer market). Obviously the big players would not want new competitions against them in the market. However, they would love to have someone who may help them enlarge their reach on customers. So the concept of Franchise in India brings a dandy treasure of profits for newbies in the arena. Newbies also have a taste of their own. These days new business entrants have become very choosy in selecting brands. If the parent brand that is lending its trademark owns a classic business concept it will have thousands of honeybees (newbie companies) around it. New entrants find it cost-efficient to borrow concepts or trademarks. This is because the know-how and capital needed to conceptualize a profitable idea is difficult to acquire. Borrowing a ready-made idea and leveraging from it is much more wise, especially in tight market conditions. A meager royalty fees to the parent brand is not too cumbersome for any new entrant.

Caution: Look with an eagle-eye before nesting.
Although the concept is popular and effective, but still it is advisable to parent brands to stay cautious while lending a trademark or business idea. A thorough market-survey always proves helpful for businesses to expand via this concept. At times successful players become overconfident and lend brands without doing any research. Marketing reports have suggested that such shallow decisions cause huge losses for firms in terms for capital and brand equity. An established player should find out whether his idea has enough popularity in consumer market. Franchise India companies are means that help brand lenders and brand borrowers to come together. They act as a platform where businesses can register themselves. The ones who wish to lend their brands will find on this platform a pool of borrowers who want to join established players.

A brand lender or a teacher?
Lending a brand increases the role of parent companies. After lending the brand a firm's leader is not just leader anymore. He has to become a teacher now. The leader has to make the subsidiaries understand his conceptualization. Without an understanding the subsidiaries will not become competent to sell the parent company's business idea. For more insights on this superb concept log on to the websites of Franchise India companies.

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