Fix the Size Before Comparing the Options by Exhaust Pipes Manufacturers

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Have you ever discussed about the exhaust pipe maintenance as much as often you do about the performance of your car? Perhaps not; it is because exhaust pipe is low priced exhaust system part that hardly draws your attention unless you notice disturbing high roaring sound. Exhaust pipe is as important as is the engine; it too needs your care to deliver expected performance. Exhaust pipe is exposed to mechanical impacts and temperature variation stresses; so, it needs periodic check up and maintenance. Although exhaust pipe replacement is not an expansive affair; still, you need to know enough to buy the right kind of tail exhaust pipe.         

How to Fix the Size of Exhaust Pipe:

Exhaust pipes manufacturers and wholesalers Canada, US offer wide range to facilitate the widest and ever growing community of old vehicle owners who need to replace or upgrade the exhaust pipe because of new pollution norms and to improve the performance. However, you need to define the correct size. The best way is to get the new pipe like the original pipe but sometimes, you are advised to enlarge the dimensions for improved performance. The thumb rule is that you can increase the size by 0.25 - 0.5 inch but not more than this limit; going up more than this limit will decrease the power performance.       

150-200 CID engine delivering 100 - 150 HP needs 2 - 2.25 (inch) single or 2”sized double exhaust pipe. 200-250 CID engine delivering 100 - 200 HP needs 2.25 - 2.5 (inch) single or 2 - 2.25 (inch) double exhaust pipe. 300-350 CID engine delivering 200 - 350 HP needs 2.25 - 3 (inch) single or 2.25-2.5 (inch) double exhaust pipe. The vehicles with 350-400 CID engine delivering 250 - 550 HP need 3 - 4 (inch) single or 2.5-3 (inch) double exhaust pipe. 

Compare The Options By Exhaust Pipes Manufacturers:  

409-L stainless steel exhaust pipes resist the corrosion better and last longer because of extended capacity to withstand the hot temperatures. These are more expensive if compared with aluminized steel pipes but these are cheaper to 304 grade stainless steel pipes. 304 stainless steel material has higher amount of nickel and chromium; so, the 304 stainless steel exhaust pipes are used for big size engines. Single exit pipe, dual rear exit, dual opposite exhaust, dual side exhaust are the common configurations of exhaust pipes. Your vehicle’s exhaust system will decide the type of exhaust pipe that you need.

Wide range of aftermarket exhaust cross over pipe, direct fit flex pipe, exhaust resonator pipes are made available by wholesalers Canada, US; it facilitates you to customize the exhaust system of your old vehicle to perform as per new CARB norms. Direct fit is always the best option; it eliminates the chances of improper bending at workshop.     

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Author the with the experience in dealing the problems and providing the services of exhaust system mentioned to know the size and the type of exhaust pipes that suits best to your vehicle. However Direct Fit Flex Pipe is always best option as it eliminates the chances of improper bending at workshop.

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