Fitness First and Then Personal Development

by Ken Larizza Internet Marketer

If you are committed to personal development, there are many important reasons why you should always focus on improving your physical fitness with exercise as well as improving your nutrition by following sound dietary principles.

The body and the mind and the emotions all form a unity. There is ample scientific research that shows emotions and personalities are affected by the state of the body.

Any person who wishes to feel happier, more positive, and more energetic must incorporate fitness and good nutrition into their lifestyle. These are essential to any personal development program.

When the body is healthy and getting proper exercise, the circulatory system is able to provide a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to every cell, including those in the brain. The wastes produced in each cell can quickly be removed. If the circulatory system is sluggish because of poor nutrition and a lack of exercise, the thinking and the emotions will be sluggish as well.

It will be impossible to feel dynamic and confident when the body is not getting proper exercise and nutrition.

Regular physical exercise has been shown to relieve depression, improve oxygenation of the blood, improve the quality of sleep, and boost energy. Regular exercise improves mood and makes it easier to focus.

For more information on the benefits of regular physical activity, please go here.

The nutrients that feed all your body organs and glands have a big effect on your mood and your energy levels. If you are lacking certain key nutrients that your brain requires, you may become lethargic, depressed, and feel as if your brain is in a fog.

The Vitamin B complex is especially important to the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

The brain also benefits from having adequate supplies of important minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are among the most important nutrients needed for good brain function.

Unfortunately, Omega-3 fatty acids are often missing in modern diets. These essential fats are found in ocean fish such as salmon and tuna and in flax seed. Colorful fresh fruits and vegetables contain many important antioxidants that help reverse the damaging effects of free radicals.

For some interesting healthy recipes and menus that can help you be sure that you're getting the correct nutrients visit here.

When people experience improved energy and awareness due to increased physical fitness and good nutrition, they will definitely feel more confident about themselves and have a much more productive, successful, and happier life.

By Ken L. Larizza

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