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by James Bonds FIFA 16 News
Exactly. I don't care if you like playing a "classy and intelligent slow build-up possession style", there's no justification for this patch. It's made passing slow and inaccurate, dribbling too unresponsive and touch heavy and the first touches utter shit. At the same it also made the defense stronger with a bigger tackle box and perfect tackling time. Yet hilariously it also made the defense worse against lobbed through balls as pre-patch defenders would never randomly run at attackers but post-patch it's random if they're going to clear it or be a idiot.

This patch only benefits players who complained about how they couldn't defend pacewhores. It was and is so easy to stop pacewhores. All you had to do was run backwards and alongside attackers instead of pressing them and you'd stop 95% of pacewhores who wouldn't stop holding the sprint button. This game went from people abusing pace to people abusing lobbed through balls and headers. These aspects were perfect pre-patch but now they're just like Fifa 16 coins. The patch doesn't really improve any style besides spamming long balls. Possession play was better when you make properly powered passes and the touches were realistic. Dribbling and skilling play was better when the defenders weren't perfect regardless of their stats. I legitimately made inch perfect stand and slide tackles with forwards and midfielders who have <40 defense.

The worst part is that the game is not anymore realistic or anymore fun. At least it was fun pre-patch and you could play how you wanted if you took five minutes to learn how to defend against pace. Also tired of all these people who say, "You can't just pacewhore anymore so of course people complain!" It's not that either. As a guy who likes to dribble with close control and use skill moves, I rarely ever sprinted unless I had tons of space.

They took out lots of aspects in the last few years. Right now it's pretty much play game, buy and sell players, play another game.

Even if they readded stuff that wouldn't normally be a managers job (hell even transfers aren't anyways) like upgrading your stadium, bringing in new coaches, training your players differently so they grow stats the way you want them, etc.

Let us have different means of getting money into the club, let us save up money for 2 seasons instead of taking half of it away if we want to (why am I starting a summer transfer window with 25m as Man City anyways?)
Be more specific with news, pregame stuff and transfer dramas. I don't wanna see the 3 same news with different names throughout 15 seasons. Also just dismiss that stupid thing where fucking Neymar or a turkish wonderkid you just signed calls you GAFFER when he wants to play

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