Few Python programming problems

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Python is a high level programming language that has in built data structures and dynamic semantics. It is a preferred language for Rapid Application Development as well as a glue language for connecting existing services or components. Needless to say, Python is an impressive language but it has its own sets of problems that might lead the programmers to bugs and poor performance. On the other hand, developers are human beings as well and to err is human. There are certain common mistakes that Python programmers commit while coding software. However, if you are aware of these common problems, then it might help you to avoid falling into the trap when coding with Python.

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Use of wrong indentation
There are several Python features that are dependent on indentation. For instance, if a developer is creating a new class then everything in there will be indented under the class declaration. Similar rule applies to loop, decision and other structural statements. In case you find that a code is executing a task that it should not be doing, then it is time to review the indentation that you have used.

Data and Markup Mixed
This is another common mistake committed by the programmers. If you mix up markup and data then it leads to a number of problems and finally to unmanageable codes. It might happen that you have data in a string and this string will have a particular format. If the format is in prosaic text, you would want to preserve the newlines and at the same time collapse the whitespace into a single space. The problem is the data appearing on a website is in HTML format. Generally it is suggested to escape the input text and convert the newlines to simply. This is a wrong approach. One of the main reasons why this is wrong is due to the context. Owing to the API concept web applications are growing more complicated nowadays. Thus, there are other forms, like, JSON in which the web functionalities are also available. So the best way to be on the safe side is to store data as it arrives instead of flipping it.

Choosing assignment operator
There are many developers who rely on the assignment operator while performing comparison between two values or objects. The problem is that the assignment operator simply places the value or an object within a variable. It, however, does not perform any kind of comparison.

Problem with choosing the framework
It often happens that more than the desired time is spent on choosing framework. When you have a small application, there are no problems with framework. Even if there are more codes switching systems is no difficulty when need arises. On the contrary if you want to switch a core component like the ORM, it is conveniently achievable. This process was more difficult when the systems were incompatible. But now choosing the right framework is quite an easy job. Hence, there is no point in spending much time over its choice.

Monolithic systems have no value
In this world of agility, building monolithic systems make no sense at all. The web developers have good advantage as they can work with HTTP. You can write small services with HTTP and combine them together with another application. You can also choose to use the load balancer between the individual components. In case you do not have the Python library required for the job, you can also make use of Java or Ruby for writing a part of the System. However, it is important that the programmers do not use 8 different languages and with various runtime environments. This would completely jeopardize the life of the system administrator.

Count by one errors
This is created on the loops. What a developer needs to keep in mind is that a loop will not count the last number that is specified in a range.

Spelling errors
Now, this is really unfortunate. Even some of the most experienced developers commit this error. It is better that they adopt a common approach for naming functions, variables and classes. All it requires is to be a little careful while typing the naming schemes.

If you are interested in working with Python, it is imperative to program it without any errors. The above mentioned points will help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes in Python programming.

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