Fact: Quality is no coincidence !

by Marius Wlassak Business Media Consultant
Dear friends, I hope you are WELL.

@ the end of 2014, after turbulent global events, we decided to have a massive new business turn and re-orientation. 

Certainly there were some offers from other companies, but IN THE END they were more keen to tap on my contacts and know-how.

...But we got not embedded in these procedures.


What always was important to me,

  • is a quality about no one needs to discuss anymore. 

And right here, as in all other apects of life, the old principle always returns:

"If there is to be good, you're doing it better yourself!"

...But that's not so easy. 

The manpower and resources are simply not enough when you Start completely alone.


I suddenly had an idea,

to build a network that arises from CONSULTANTS for CONSULTANT.

This means products that are wanted by the CONSULTANTS and also sell well

Plus a free as possible training for consultants that brings success.

Product and marketing concepts that are easy to implement and most of all quickly duplicated.

In the last 17 years, I have worked for and with several companies and also being able to expand my network of contacts with many suppliers, companies and private investors.

With Some even Real friendships have been formed, which also drag into the privacy.

Many are willing to assist us in the development of such a distribution. Where others have to stock thousands units of products, we get exactly the amount we need.

To finalize the production, we have already built first own premises and more to come.

So we have built together with a gourmet chef-cook, 


Although we are still at the Beginning of almost everything, we want to give a select group of people the opportunity now to position themselves directly with THE COMPANY and grow organically  and not artificially with us in the future and in the market.

Therefor we do not want any money for any starter sets or bullshit fees!

  • No costs for a website!

We are looking for NOW...

for people with experience, passion and perseverance. People who like collaborating with others and where the appreciation of such COOPERATION is at heart.

Because I'm ABSOLUTELY convinced, that , this is the only WAY to go for a REAL, long lasting business and income which can BE achieved.

So we can go out and look around in the market and INSTALL the things that we consider to be interesting, or where demand is particularly high.

It can sales-classics (you know i love Perfumes) in the program, as well as new innovative products, or things that officially of course no one buys, but which nevertheless make hundreds of millions of revenue every year.

"Example": No one goes to the doctor and as a man gets a Viagra prescription, but the sales of V are there indescribable.

With a functioning legal product without visiting a doctor or pharmacy duty money can almost be printed. - continue reading and Be excited!

Sure, mistakes still can happen at the beginning, but it is NOW therefore be setted accordingly and the good groundwork as perfect as possible, so for the next few years harvesting and creating a truly passive income will be possible.

THINK of it as a flying pre-launch with already existing products!

Our network of Producers and suppliers is not only highly competent but also very motivated to make a difference here.

As I said, I do not call to invest any money here!

I just want to invite You and be part of this journey.

A little perspective:

A very hot health theme (beside water as such) will be: MORINGA

We are one of the few who have it entirely organic and certified free of pesticides or radiation.

With a gourmet cook, we turn this superfood, into:

  • the low glycemic Organic Spelt Pasta with 8% Moringa. Not only enormously healthy, but also important for diabetics and people who want to lose weight.
  • There is also a Moringa tea and also the Moringapowder in pure form.
  • ...and soon also Moringa capsules will be added to the portfolio

A very interesting TV-report  for your review can be found here:

The Marketing Plan is easily accessible and known.

A current version and a video explanation can be found on the website in the section - marketing plan. 

Here is the direct video link:

Already finished and waiting in our stocks is a product of German manufacture, with German approval and German instructions.

  • 50 € cheaper than retail and the cool thing is: it really works.

Together with a packaging designer, who also worked for Joop!, we have made an outstanding product.


Getting started is currently free of charge! - GET NOW YOUR ID!

There's no cost and there is no minimum charge, sales to do what so ever.

The software system with back office already exists and the server is running.

Sponsoring is easy!

And in the back office you can observe your successes. You instantly get your own ID number from the system with a link where you can immediately enroll people, friends or business partners.

Now that we officially launch in February, I will of course go a little more into the public, doing mailings, banners and videos and specifically target people ! 
And that pretty solid and massive.

But for no misunderstandings, I would like to open the door first to good old companions and friends.


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InsTraffic farhan Freshman  advertising, marketing, business
you are right quality means work and best performance
Mar 1st 2015 18:58   
Amason Farhan Freshman  Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computer
thank you for sharing your ideas, quality depend on effectiveness and lead to success but relay always on work
Mar 1st 2015 19:04   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Right - no work = nothing to gain. Thanks for your comments and the read. Wish you success!
Mar 1st 2015 21:42   
Aurang Zeb Awan Magnate I   Content Writer
They have Marketing plan in German language otherwise i was the one who thought let it give a try :D can you help me in this regard? marketing plan in English?
Mar 1st 2015 23:13   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Yes Aurang - a great decision - I will try to make it - If you wish you can join anyway for free.

For that you need to complete the data visiting the link: and go to the menu VP - Registrierung on top.

There you completethe following parameters: Company - Herr(=Mr.) - Title - Name(=Vorname) - Surname (=Nachname) - birthdate (= Geburtstag) dd.m.year - Select country - Zipcode(=PLZ) - City (=Ort) - ID card number (-PersonalausweisNr.) - Tel-Mobile-Fax(please enter your countryCode e.g. +49 is Germany) - your sponsor is 10025 Marius Wlassak - then your bank account nr (Konto) - select Country - Bank(name) - Holder (Inhaber) - Bank routing nr (BLZ) - IBAN and BIC <- this will be the payout method... then Enter the on screen shown security code and select the 3 checkboxes (FAQ-Policy etc..) ... then hit the button Registrierung & you will get an email in realtime and you can login.
Mar 2nd 2015 15:24    Edited in Mar 2nd 2015 17:45
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
The Marketing Plan:
"With a concept to success!"

Fair earnings and products with high quality are the most important basis for a good and stable income.

The constantly growing product range of Cura Care® is not only the possibility of earning big by creating a big customer base, either by individual individual consulting, catalog orders, Internet links and banners or by party sales, but also the possibility of creating your own teams, to strengthen these and let them participate on the created sales/turnover.

Since we speak here about consumable products in most cases, this will also lead by repetitve orders and re-orders to a strong full sequence income.


Whether you want to EARN a few hundred euros, or think about a career alternative, here you have the possibility to implement both alternatives.

Merit by active sales:
 * Customer acquisition and support

• Build your team
  * give other people the opportunity to earn money.

• Generating a passive income by intensive team building and training towards creating own executives.
  * similar bonuses you earn every time when a product is sold in your team.

I.Trade margin:

Each registered distributor buys the products at the same price, the consultant purchase price (german EK=Einkaufspreis).

PS TRADE GmbH specifies a suggested retail price for consumers.
The difference between the EK(purchase price) and the consultants recommended sale price.(german VK=Verkaufspreis) is referred to be as gross margin or mark-up (german HSP=Handelsspanne) and is calculated as dirfference VK-EK to be with around 40%.

The trading range (margin) is therefore the amount of cash a partner earned directly for their own sales.

II. Bonus Matrix II - Part I

The more sales a partner makes per month, the better will be his next purchasing conditions.

For this purpose, the products have a Point Value assigned (german) PW (career point).

The combined monthly value of PW's gives the position in the bonus matrix, or the reached so called bonus level.

Bonus Matrix Part I :

  PW% - Level
  500 5%
  1,000 9%
2,000 11%
4,000 14%
  8,000 22%


In one month you order Goods worth € 1,000.
=> Your Merit (earnings) is as follows:

1. HSP € 400.00
2. Discount € 90.00
=> TOTAL € 490.00

1. Gross margin (HSP) 1.000 € EK + 40 % = 1.400 € VK (recommended sale price)
=> 400,00 € HSP
2. Discount
=> 1.000 € Point value (PW) x 9 % = 90,00 €

Explanation: PW / GV

Each product has its own cumulated value (point value = PW) for the accounting period from own revenues (german EU=Eigenumsatz) and group business revenues (german GV=Geschaeftsvolumen) & reflects the stage in the career system / the so called bonus matrix.

Each product has an equal value amount of bonus matrix in each country.

The group business volume (GV) is the volume of business which then ultimately define the commissions that will be paid.

In the examples shown above, the euro values are set for an easy understanding for GV & PW as being equal (the same).

The actual values are stated in the current version of the consultants (advisers) price list which can be found in the back-office.

III Team Commissions:

Each partner has the ability to convey an unlimited number of own partners. The turnover of the mediated partners and their partners are considered in the entire volume calculations and determine, including the self-made sales (PW's), the own stage in the bonus matrix.

If a difference occurs from a directly mediated partner in the level, then the mediator (UPLINE) receives this difference on the reimbursed commissionable volume.

Since this is are not commissions on own sales transactions we speak here of a so called passive income.


You have mediated own sales and four (A,B,C,D) direct partners (first liners). You created a sales volume of 1.000 €, partner A created a sales volume of 500 € , B, C & D created 1.000 € see picture =>

* It does not matter if a partner created the sales revenues alone or made them with his own group of members.

=> Merit calculation:

1. HSP 40% € 400.00
2. Discount on own sales 14% EU € 140.00
3. Difference Bonus on A 9% € 45.00
4. Difference Bonus on B 5% € 50.00
5. Difference Bonus on C 5% € 50.00
6. Difference Bonus on D 5% € 50.00
TOTAL € 735.00

IV Special Bonus - Leader Bonus

Build your activity further and help other people become successful.

If a partner of yours achieves the 22% stage, you can qualify for a special bonus.

* he is calculated in the so called complementary matrix and is called: Leader Bonus.


You have mediated own sales and five (A,B,C,D,E) direct partners (first liners) who also created their own sales. Also Partner E has reached the 22% output stage. Now the
Leader Bonus is activated. => see picture:

* It does not matter if a partner created the sales revenues alone or made them with his own group of members.

=> Merit calculation:

1. HSP 40% € 400.00
2. Discount on own sales 22% EU € 220.00
3. Difference Bonus on A 13% € 130.00
4. Difference Bonus on B 11% € 330.00
5. Difference Bonus on C 8% € 400.00
6. Difference Bonus on D 8% € 560.00
7. Difference Bonus on E 8% € 800.00
TOTAL € 2.840.00

Entitled for special bonus:

A claim for full special bonus is only available if you would have reached the 22% output without the direct 22% partner. (full rest)

If the residual volume (without the 22% partners) below 4,000 PW, then you're not entitled for the special bonus. This is where the rollup process is activated and the earning % willgo to the upline who is entitled next.

If the residual volume greater than 4,000 PW and smaller than 10,000 PW then the lack of rest will be deducted from the Special Bonus Volume and refilled (upfilled), so that the next upline with permission will be at least be paid on a Volume of 10,000.

More than four direct 22% partner-lines will eliminate the <4.000 PW - clause.
If necessary, however, the rest is filled up from the Special Bonus Volume to 10,000.

V Depth Bonus (DB):

With the DB, the special power of leaders is paid to provide intensive support work in the depths of your own organization and create the basis for a stable business and well trained counselors.

In contrast to the special bonus that pays on the volume of the direct 22% partners, the depth bonus pays royalties on the so-called indirect volume 22% partner lines.

This regulation is always valid up to the next qualifiers.

Depth Bonus - Royalties:

Direct 22% partners - Depth Bonus
  4 2%
  8 + 1%

=> see also the following picture:

* All commissions are net values. In trade license with sales tax option the commissions are paid incl. VAT.

In Summary:

• You are working with consumable products and will regularly be ordered and therefore this means a regular income.

• You have no obligation to order every month!

• You have no obligation to sponsor monthly!

• You determine your goal and the effort you put into your business by yourself!

• Everyone has the same chances to achieve something!

• The marketing plan is based on the concept of mutual help!

• You get a free website with which you can attract new partners and clients and they can too!

• You get a free back-office with many classy features!

• You can start without any risk!

Good luck ! See You inside.
Mar 2nd 2015 17:43   
Harcharan singh Ranotra Advanced   consultant/freelancer/Networker/Mlm
qulity depends on good products
Mar 9th 2015 16:32   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
exactly Harcharan - thanks for your reply
Mar 10th 2015 08:17   
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