Essential Know how on the PET manufacturing industry

by Richard Smith Plasticmoldingline

The plastic bottles and other hollowed out objects that are found in daily use are auxiliary production results of plastic molding processes. The process of development of such hollow containers especially made of either soft or hard plastics is called the Pet Stretching method. The method is an offshoot of the plastic industry and it accounts for a sizeable portion of the total with its prime customers being companies that sell their product mostly liquid, in plastic containers of all sizes and volumes. The material that is most often used in pet forming is thermoplastics and this is due to the materials unique ability of being easily pliable on heating and then returning to the solid state upon cooling. This makes it almost the best option for producing pet jars and bottles.

PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is a form of thermoplastic under the polyester family that is used in synthetic fibers and especially in liquid containers. The PET bottle was introduced in the early 1970s and since then has replaced glass bottles as liquid containers due to its durability and cost effective ability. The manufacture of the PET bottle is of two varieties: the first procedure is the general procedure that involves a single Pet preform machine in which every step of the manufacturing process has been installed. It is one of the easiest methods of production that is widely used as it significantly lowers the time, energy and manpower consumption thus effectively reducing costs. The process is generally used by PET bottle manufacturers where slight lack of precision is not a huge problem and mass production is the aim along with lower costs such as in the production of soft drink bottles. The second method of production is a bit expensive and yet is precision based; it includes the PET molds which are shaped into containers like test tubes and burettes which rely almost entirely on accuracy. This involves a PET preform mold that is shaped using Injection Stretch Blow molding process in which liquid PET is injected, forged and then cooled. Every step is taken up separately allowing for better control on the accuracy yet the same processes make it time taking.

The internet has hundreds of online Pet preform machine makers and suppliers yet reliability could be a huge factor in determining one’s choice. Sino-Holdings Group is one such highly reliable as well as a reputable brand in the global market that is known for its quality and service. As a well known Pet preform machine supplier, Sino-Holdings Group use the best in class materials and the technicians have the option of using high speed and precise instruments developed by Japan. The company specializes primarily in manufacture of a huge range of PET based products and plastic injection products. You can also follow with us in Facebook.

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