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"ERW Stainless Steel Pipe" is a straight seam resistance welding stainless steel pipes, English Electric Resistance Welding, abbreviation referred to as ERW, used to transport oil, natural gas and other vapor-liquid objects, to meet the high and low voltage requirements, the current field of conveying pipe in the world, accounting for pivotal position. 

ERW stainless steel pipe
1, Stainless steel pipe refers normal "submerged arc welding of stainless steel," electrical engineering with "SC" said the gas can be used for water pipes can also be used as a conduit, relatively thick. 
2, line pipe is wire tube, relatively thin, with a "T" represents only do threading works. 
3, ERW stainless steel pipe is "high-frequency resistance welded stainless steel pipe", and not the same as an ordinary pipe welding process, the weld metal is melted by the parent body made of stainless steel, mechanical strength, better than the average pipe. 

ERW said resistance welding, resistance welding with high production efficiency, low cost, saving materials, ease of automation, etc., it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automobiles, light industry and other industrial sectors, is an important process of welding one. 

ERW stainless steel pipe and seamless steel pipe ERW biggest difference is that there are welds, and this is where the key to the quality of ERW stainless steel pipes. Modern ERW stainless steel pipe production technology and equipment, due to the international arena, especially in the United States for many years of unremitting efforts, makes seamless steel pipe ERW have relatively satisfactory solution. Someone ERW stainless steel pipe seamless seamlessly into geometrical and physical seamless. Geometry is clear ERW stainless steel pipe seamless internal and external burrs. Due to the continuous improvement of the structure and tools within the burr removal system and improvement of medium and large-diameter steel pipe inner burr removal has been a good deal. The burr can be controlled at about -0.2mm ~ O.5mm. Physical seamless means there is a difference between the internal weld and base metal microstructure and mechanical properties of the weld area leads to decline, the need to take measures to make it uniform and consistent technology. High frequency welding thermal process ERW pipe, causing the temperature distribution near the tube edge gradient, and formed a melting zone, semi-molten zone, overheating organization, normalizing area, features regional incomplete normalizing area, tempering zones. Which overheated zone tissue due to welding temperature above 1000 ℃, the austenite grain grown dramatically in cooling conditions will form a hard and brittle coarse crystalline phase, in addition to the presence of a temperature gradient will produce welding stresses. Thus, the formation of the mechanical properties of the weld area is lower than the base material, the physical is through seamless weld heat treatment process that uses local conventional induction heating device heating the weld area to AC3 (927 ℃), then 60m length, speed in the course of air cooling 20m / min, and then cooled if necessary. Use this method to achieve the purpose of eliminating stress, soften and refine the organization, to improve the overall mechanical properties of the weld heat affected zone. Currently, the world's advanced ERW unit of this method has been widely used weld processing, has obtained good results. Not only the quality of ERW stainless steel pipe welds can not argue that, but to achieve a weld factor to achieve a matching weld regional organizations and the base metal.

ERW stainless steel pipe with a hot-rolled coil for use as a raw material, uniform thickness can be controlled within ± 0.2mm or so, according to the U.S. steel two end APl standard or GB / T9711.1 standards, repair side beat groove, cut length delivery, etc. advantages.

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