Email Security: How Email Encryption Keeps You Safe

by Joseph Marie General
We live in a digital world today and most of our communication happens on the internet. Text messages, video calls, VoIP phone calls, emails… everything happens over the internet. This also means that all of our sensitive conversations and information are also on the internet. But how safe is this information of ours and how to be sure that someone is not spying on our emails and extracting useful information without our knowledge. Though email eavesdropping is a rare thing to see in a normal person’s life, big corporations and bureaucrats have always been the victims of email eavesdropping. This article discusses how email encryption is the most ideal solution to this problem and how easy it is to employ its methods in corporate communications to keep the conversations private.

Need for Email Encryption

Email is the dearest means of communication in business organization. It if formal, to the point and discrete. Hackers and eavesdroppers are well aware of the fact that these emails contain all kinds of sensitive information, right from bank account details to the expansion plans of a company, important legal documents of business organizations to passwords of credit cards. All that eavesdroppers have to do is to bypass this message before it reaches the intended receiver and get hold of all the sensitive information. In addition, with technological advancements even the hackers have got smarter and possess advanced computers that can crack complex passwords with methods like brute force attack. Such incidents can result in loss of billions of dollars and shake up the entire organization in one go. Email encryption ensures that emails are protected by secret passcodes that only the sender and the receiver of the mail will know. Unless and until the hacker knows this passcode, it is impossible to open this mail and access the information within.

Email Encryption- Advantages

There are many advantages of using email encryption services over other email security measures. They are as follows:

• Encrypted emails are a lot flexible and easy to use when compared to the traditional methods of encryption such as the PKI based encryption based solutions which use a public key and a private key to encrypt and decrypt the email respectively. The whole process is very tedious and time consuming.

• Email encryption can be easily integrated into an existing email setup and hence there is absolutely no need to install a new email set up that comes pre-installed with encrypted email solutions. This helps organizations in cutting costs on additional hardware and software equipment.

• Email encryption helps organizations to stay compliant with many rules set by organizations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA and FERPA, to protect the information of its clients and employees. Since email encryption is a powerful method to keep the email safe from eavesdroppers, issues such as document leak or security breach won’t occur.

• Email encryption helps organizations have a protection of legal proof for sending/receiving mails. This proof helps organizations a lot when they have to deal with law suits or any other legal complications where emails sent/received can be used as evidence.

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