Drink Pure water with Portable water filters in Sydney

by Austrolo Tyent health Consultant
A portable water filter in Sydney helps you to travel outside for long time, without worrying about a clean water source. With such a lightweight device, you can refill water from sources like lakes, fountains, and ponds, and still have very clean water that will do no harm to your health.

How big are portable water filters in general?  

As the name suggests, this type of water filter is quite light because it is meant to be carried around over long distances. They are obviously heavier than regular water bottles because they have an added mechanism in the form of ionizers to clean the water that you drink.

The weight also depends on the capacity of the bottle. A regular 22oz water filter will be quite easy to carry. For those who need greater water supply such as camping groups, there are heavier models available

How difficult is it to use this kind of filter?  

Certain models of portable water filter in Sydney were quite difficult to use. Once you filled the water in the filter bottle, you had to wait a while before you could drink. However, newer models are much more efficient and they clean water within a second.

In other words, the models available today are simple to use as the regular water bottles. If you are going out for camping, hiking, or travelling in general, consider buying from one of the many Australia portable water filter manufacturers.

Are they as safe as the water filters we use at home or offices?  

Your portable filters use the same technology as the bigger water filters installed at your home. Therefore the water they give you is safe and you can consume it without worrying too much. They are used by thousands of people and portable filters have proven to be quite effective. 

What kind of water sources can I use for drinking with these devices?

These types of purifiers can clean water from just about any source. Many people use it while travelling outdoors, so you can fill water from:

  • Fountains
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Rivers
  • Outside water taps

However, don’t use the filters for cleaning water from extremely polluted water sources.

What kind of system do portable filters use to clean water?

A typical Sydney Portable Water Filter uses ionization and electrolysis just as your countertop filter does. In addition to filtering out outside particles physically, the filters also absorb soluble contaminants present in water. This ensures that the water you drink is free of chemicals that might be harmful to your body.

Are there different kinds of these products or are they all just the same?  

There are models that range from a few dollars to hundreds of AUD. Obviously they cannot all be the same. Some models feature more advanced filtration systems than the others. The most expensive models are suited to people who are sick or extremely sensitive. Most of the affordable models do an adequate job of providing you with clean consumable water.

Should the filters ideally be located at the bottom or the top of the bottle?  

Most Australia portable water filter manufacturers place on the lid, so the water is filtered even before it enters the bottle. Some models do have filters at the bottom, so that the mechanism is not exposed too much to outside elements and remains protected from any physical damage. Both the models are acceptable.

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