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Every now and then, there are blood donation campaigns organized. These camps are basically organized by the different blood banks. The donation camp helps the centres to stock up blood samples for emergency purposes. Almost every month, there are camps organized for this noble cause. The awareness programmes are arranged to encourage people to come up and donate for the welfare of the society. Recently, it has been estimated that few blood donors become iron depleted due to regular blood donation. The recovery of haemoglobin is frequently delayed and the donors become anaemic. Blood powerpoint templates aims at providing certain guidelines for the blood donors. It’s very important to keep the body healthy for donor as well as recipients. 

Heart is the pumping organ of our body. What keeps the heart healthy and active? Healthy blood circulation is very essential for the heart. Blood accounts for about 7% of the human body weight. It constitutes of different components such as RBCs, WBCs, platelets and plasma. Blood carries dissolved oxygen in the body and helps in the purification of the deoxygenated blood. Haemoglobin is the carrier of oxygen in the body. Doctors advise to drink loads of water to facilitate the purification process in the body. The blood ppt templates provide the description about the components of the blood. The templates are designed to help students understand the purification process and pumping of blood in the whole body.  These templates contain the information about dietary supplements for enhancing the iron content of the blood. 

The most vital component of the human body is blood. It is the fluid connective tissue of the body. The component of the blood helps in purification of blood, fighting with disease causing pathogens. The blood ppt templates elucidates about the fluid dynamics associated with the blood flow. Did you know the fact that, physics is involved behind the blood flow in the body? The flow of blood in the body is governed by the Non- Newtonian fluid dynamics. The blood flow plays an important role in the circulatory system. Vertebrates and invertebrates have separate carriers of oxygen in the body. Hemocyanin is a colourless fluid that facilitates the blood flow in arthropods.

Apart from the basics, the blood powerpoint templates describe about the patients suffering from anaemia. It should not be considered as a chronic disease. Anaemia is just a condition where the red blood cell count drops down below the normal level. This is the most common disorder in pregnant women; they suffer from a low iron or folate level. These conditions are accompanied by higher fatigue level, illness, infection and chances of still birth. There is a strict diet that is advised by the doctors for anaemic nursing mothers. This template helps in spreading awareness throughout all ages, containing descriptive knowledge about the blood connective tissue.

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