Double your money in any market - especially in a bad one

by Dean Graziosi Successful Entrepreneur on Real Estate Sector

To make money in a bull market is not difficult, states Dean Graziosi, and can be a source of great encouragement for the novice. But inexperienced investors fail to understand is that bear markets - especially those extremes - offering the same, if not more, potential to make money. If pressure is exerted upward or downward, is not important. What matters is that change creates extreme physical market. Skip houses bought or over-sold, and causing prices to get out of whack in relation to real values. Those who capture equity that occurs naturally during these drastic shifts make money if the market moves up or down crashing.

Now add another factor of physical force or involving geography and market prices. Value of the dollar goes up and down, usually based on interest rates. If rates are high, foreigners buy U.S. goods less because they get less bang for their buck. If the dollar is weak, however, we sell more goods because they are considered cheap. Right now the dollar is very weak, because the Fed has cut interest rates by around two per cent in an effort to stimulate lending to stimulate the local housing economy.

If you move to Canada, dollars will be only worth about 75 cents, as the U.S. dollar is weak compared to other currencies such as the dollar. The euro - the European equivalent of a dollar - is even stronger against the dollar. That means that if you go to Europe and buy a soft drink might pay twice as much as you would here in the United States. Meanwhile, China is still business money, so Americans - despite the weak dollar - are buying tons of products from China at cheap prices. So the idea is that money markets also experienced ups and downs and physical economy. But affecting real estate investments and creates its own set of opportunities.

Let's say for example that you buy a foreclosure currently in USA. You can get lower prices in history, but Americans face tougher economic times, so you can find plenty of buyers willing to pay a higher price. But you could advertise in foreign newspapers in Toronto for hot and sunny apartment you have chosen for a bargain price in south Florida. $ 100,000 to Canadians one can be had for $ 75,000 because their dollars are even stronger now. They can pay more without feeling it, so they could be sold to make more - even during a buyer's market. You can even estate agencies in other countries to make money by taking advantage of better times elsewhere when times are bad on the home front. It's like when buying small market declines in Florida and selling high a month later, someone in California because their economy is doing better. In other words, each cycle is accompanied by a down cycle up and investors who spot one market and then go find the opposite market can make money twice as much twice as often.

“The party never ends for alert investors” (Dean Graziosi)

You do not have to find foreigners to buy your home to make money, although you can if you want to. This is just an example to help demonstrate different ways to capitalize on market forces. You can apply the same concept to buy cheap houses in the foreclosure market and renting them to tenants immediately because it is also a hot rental market. The idea is that money - lots of it - can be done anytime, anywhere, if applicable real estate laws of physics.

In recent years we have heard a significant amount of cocktail conversation, dedicated to the topic of money quickly done overnight in real estate. Now that the housing market has cooled, bragging rights diminished. For some, the party's over. But that is because they do not know how to identify investment opportunities in "down" markets. Taking them out of the market, leaving more opportunities for smart investors know that the worst markets often generate the best possible chance to acquire wealth with the least effort. Buying low and selling high will always come first. But the trick is to have vision and savvy to jump and buy when everyone else is selling.

No investor has never been broken while making a profit, no matter how small. Multiply these margins and can do even more while spending the same amount of time and invest the same amount of money, energy, and effort.

Tips for working with Out of Town Brokers

Before working with a broker long distance, it is useful to know how to choose one that will provide the best service.

·         Check their credentials and references to learn how long they have been approved, how many states are authorized, and if there were ever any complaints or legal actions against them.

·         If you work with a local agent, ask them for a recommendation out of town. Realtors cooperate with others when many customers moved so that it can be a great way to connect with a reliable real estate agent in another city.

·         Look for ones that specialize in foreclosures and REO homes and get on their mailing list in order to contact you when fresh leads online Fri and get listed.

·         If you plan to use to buy property, make sure that they are not related to or biased towards the seller.

·         The easiest and most foolproof to do this is to work with exclusive buyer's agents - those Realtors who are not allowed to work for sellers and are duty and legal responsibility to represent buyers and negotiate the terms best possible at the lowest possible price.

·         As an individual investor, it is also important to find out if hidden charges or extra fees. Profit margins may decrease if too many are shared with consultants, financial advisors, and other interested parties.


“Now is a perfect time to expand your scope and wealth” (Dean Graziosi)


Now may be the best time in recent history to invest. And once you get a taste for sweet rewards of investing in foreclosures, you might decide that this is also a prime time to expand your horizons and response procedure beyond our own neighborhood. Wealth can be caught all over the map. All you have to do is grab it and bring it home to your local bank account or portfolio of properties inventor. Fruitful is ripe. Just reach out and harvest it.



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