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by Steve Mark Word Recovery Software
Third party application is the topic of this discussion based segment. Word documents are used worldwide for creating text based document which can be formatted accordingly and belongs to the Microsoft banner which ensures the safety issue as well. But even then corruption is something which cannot be barred by the type of banner your data may belong to or by the type of security you may have assigned. Corruption just happens, but what’s more to it is that how to regain a damaged document back in shape? Third party Docx Repair Software applications are considered as the choice of most users. So, the segment will talk about the top five methods including applications; that are capable of rendering the respective solution. All you have to do is find out how software programs set apart their standards from all others and what makes them avail worthy for corrupt Word file recovery.

Top Five Ways To Repair Word Documents

After a lot of online research the following methods have been discovered to be amongst the topmost solutions availed by users to repair their .doc files. This way you will be able to categorize whether external Word file repair software programs are the right choice or not.

Run CHKDSK Command: One can try to run CHKDSK command against the respective partition which holds the corrupt document. Possibilities are that the issue may have been caused because of the occurrence of depravation at file system level. And CHKDSK might be capable of resolving it as well. Even if it can’t repair; by running this command you will get to analyze file system integrity which will help you determine where the problem exists.

Open Plus Repair: The MS Word in Windows XP and later versions provisions a function namely; Open and Repair. Using this feature will permit you to compel Word application to attempt the procedure to repair your document. You just have to choose the file within the dialogue box that is open and select Open and Repair option from the drop down list shown on the below-right corner of the dialogue box. For obvious reason this procedure isn’t completely reliable and successful for all scenarios but is one amongst the ones worth trying.

Raw Text Extraction
: Even though saving your Word file as TXT or RTF format mostly works well enough, but the technique will be of no use if Word application would not open up the file. Another way is via using a different word processor which is supportive to Word docs. Instead, using a file editor might work like; Hex Editor for extracting anything any saved content from the document manually.

Rebuild Word File Header: Although each document that belongs to Word application is absolutely different. But the Word files created using a common edition of the application also tend to have a common header as well. All document headers vary from each other but if you examine the safe Word docs that are with you via a file editor you will know which bit is common in the files. Once you are aware of the location of each file header you can copy the header of a healthy document and replace the corrupt documents’ header with it via an editor. In this situation, Word corruption issue can be successfully resolved in case corruption was within its header.

Get An External Tool: Instead of all the above mentioned tips and tricks to resolve Word file corruption one can go for external Microsoft Docx Recovery Software. Being the safest and most accurate options out of all, third party Word file repair software applications are the best recommendation for repairing Word documents. The difference is; you are not required to put in efforts, technical knowledge and much amount of time while attempting to repair document via external tools.

Hence, third party Docx repair tool programs are known to be one of the best ways to repair corrupt documents. Word Repair tool is one of the best available Word file repair software presently which can be used without any doubts.

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