Do It Yourself – Creating Custom Website Template

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Website Template VS Custom Website Template

First of all for those who are wondering what is meant by a website template, a website template may be defined as, a kind of a ready-made page or a draft of a website that can be later filled with necessary content. However, a custom website template is made specifically by/for the user to accommodate his/her specific needs.

Now a days, you will find hundreds of custom website templates that are available freely over the internet. Using these ready-made templates is so easy but the problem with these templates is that they are used by so many other people. Even if you buy a template, there is a great chance that many people have purchased the same template as well. Hence, you lose the uniqueness of your website. This is not it, these template don’t fulfill your requirements as well. However, there is another option available for people who want to have a unique site, this can be achieved through custom website templates.

A custom website template is something that a web designer can build for you at affordable rates but why pay a web designer for something that you can do yourself for free. Even if you can afford to pay a web designer for their services, I would not recommend it simply because there is no fun in doing that.

This article will teach you how easy it is to setup your own custom website template. You just need some time and patience in order to achieve that.

There are all kinds of templates available these, it’s entirely up to you which one you depending upon your taste and mood. The design may be free or expensive, plain or nice, custom or template, you have to make a decision depending upon your likes and dislikes.

Step 1 - Premeditation of Future Design

This is the most important step, because here you decide what kind of site you want to have. In this step you start by implementing your ideas about future design on a piece of paper, you can experiment different variants of the design and once you are satisfied with the template design, then start work on graphics editor.

If you are looking at different site for inspiration then you can skip this step.

Step 2 – Drawing the Custom Template

This is a very important step as, the custom designs that you put on a piece of paper in the previous step are implemented using your favorite graphics editor. Most people use adobe Photoshop as it is considered as the best tool graphics design.

Step 3 - Distribute Layout

Usually, a website consists of table cells or blocks, so in the next step you have to develop a custom website template in order to distribute the layout of your website among these blocks or table cells. In order to implement it you should divide images into many parts, which should be equal to the number of blocks or cells.

Step 4 – Slice Images

In this step you use Adobe Photoshop tool called ‘Slice Tool’, which cuts large images into required number of smaller pieces. Using this tool is so easy and no more difficult than cutting a piece of paper with scissors. While you are slicing these images, one thing you should take into account is that sometime the images get stretched. So the slicing should be done in such a way that it doesn’t give an impression of tiles when copied.

Step 5 – Save Sliced Images

After you have sliced the image into many parts, it is important to save them, this can be easily done with Adobe Photoshop. Just select ‘Save’ for ‘Web & Devices’ option from the ‘File’ menu. After doing that a dialog box with appear, where you should select file type ‘HTML & Images’, also specify its file name with html extension, and then save it into the root directory of new upcoming site. After doing all of these steps, you will see a directory named images in website’s root directory. All the images will be saves here.

Sometimes if the pictures are not sliced perfectly, you will see white stripes between them. You can avoid it by practicing the slicing again and again until there is no white stripes left. This can be a stressful at times but result will be rewarding and your custom website template will be free from any mistakes.


In case you don’t have time to create a custom made website template then you can always hire a professional web design company, who will create many templates according to your requirement. a web design company also provide other content related services to their clients.

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