Digital Marketing-1 Conventional Marketing-0: The changing ways of marketing methods

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The end of conventional marketing is nearing soon as business man have slowly started to realise the fact that digital marketing has taken over the conventional marketing methods and is lot more beneficial and cheaper. Slowly the agencies that used to do conventional marketing are shifting towards digital marketing, well that is the smart way and some agencies that are too adamant to realise this fact are facing losses and are in the verge of shutting down.  There is a reason why people are attracted towards digital marketing; we will discuss the advantages of digital marketing over conventional marketing in this article.


Digital marketing is cheaper than conventional marketing in lot of ways. For conventional marketing you need to own a physical property first of all which is a deep hole in the pocket in the current market scenario on the other hand you just need a website for digital marketing which is one tenth the cost. Second conventional marketing methods are very expensive for example; you need your advertisement to come in a leading newspaper and that too on the starting pages you need shell out around three to four lacs minimum and it will reach most off the people even if they are not your target audience. While in digital marketing, you can easily run ads on Google, select your audience and pay according to that. It is much cheaper and reaches the specified audience. Moreover, no news company is bigger than Google.


Some years back the newspapers, television and radio had very many audiences, which made conventional marketing methods profitable. Now is not the same scenario, the internet has larger audiences than television, newspaper and radio combined. Earlier people used to take time out of their schedule to watch a particular show on the television, but now only a handful of people watch television, everyone has shifted to internet. Why bother taking a particular time out to watch a show, when you can watch the same damn show on the internet and that too whenever you want and that too free of cost. Who reads newspaper nowadays, when you can receive the latest updates on your phone itself. Internet has taken over people lives and this is where digital marketing agencies cash in. We supply your information at the current time and boom you are rich.

Instant Feedback:

The best thing about digital marketing is that you get instantaneous feedback and the result is in front of you. That is not the case with conventional marketing where you have to head out to a boring meeting with the agency, where they quote you an imaginary number of people have watched your advertisement and how if you spend more moolah you may get returns, BORING!

You can decide the amount you want to spend in digital marketing while in conventional marketing you have no control what so ever.


In conventional marketing you have a limited number of channels you can promote yourself in i.e. either television, newspaper, billboard or radio. That is not the case with digital marketing you have never ending options. You can try social media channels, which are chatting network like Facebook, try photo eccentric social media channel like Instagram, or even try video marketing with YouTube. There are never ending options and that too at a minimal cost. You can generate traffic from written articles, info-graphics, videos or even podcast. Sky is the limit if you keep exploring.


We are not undermining conventional marketing but are stating a fact. It is not something imaginary that we have come up with but statistics have shown this. Conventional marketing is the best but digital marketing is a little better that is what we are trying to say. Rest is upon your judgement!!

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