Different Religious Funerals in Singapore

by Chris Pawn Marketing

Singapore is a country where the people represent different cultures and beliefs. One of these differences includes the religion. The four main religions in the country are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam which have differences even in the ways of burial rituals and funerals. Below are different religious funeral in Singapore based on religions.  



A monk or a nun will be asked to help the dying person make their transition from life to death be peaceful. This is important for Buddhists because they believe that the dying person’s state of mind will help them to find their happy state of rebirth. Buddhist scriptures will be chanted before, during, and after the death by a monk, a nun, or family and friends. According to their belief, spirit leaves the body immediately but may also linger in between state near the body. To let the spirit continue its journey towards the happy state, the body should be treated with respect. Depending on the type of Buddhism practised, the time for the spirit to be reborn is varied. There are many different types of Buddhist funeral traditions but usually the funerals consist of a simple service held at the crematorium chapel. Objects that are significant to the dead may be placed surrounding the coffin. The family may be accompanied by the monks as they chant the scriptures. The dead body can be buried or cremated depending on their tradition.



There might be difference with the customs are followed depending on the form of Christianity. The family of the deceased will be comforted and assisted by the church in organising the funeral. Most of the Christian funerals are held at their church or in a funeral home.  The ceremony will be filled with prayers, readings, and hymns by the church minister or the deceased’s family and friends. The casket will be present during the ceremony and will be carried out by the deceased family members who will serve as the pallbearers at the end. Before the deceased is buried, people can view and say their last goodbye to the deceased. While if the deceased has been cremated, the ashes can be scattered or can be buried in the cemetery with a gravestone.



Reincarnation is said to be believed by Hindus that when someone died, their soul will move from one body to the other to reach Nirvana or heaven. Often sad moment, Hindus believe that death can also be a time of celebration. The family with their priest read holy texts and sing holy songs to the dying person. After death, family pray around the body and avoid touching it because it can be considered unclean. The death Hindu will be bathed and dressed in traditional white Indian clothing. But if a woman died before her husband, she will be dressed in red. There will be a procession on the places that were important to the deceased. Usually decorated with flowers and sandalwood, the body will be prayed over at the entrance to the crematorium. The one who will pray for the body’s soul is called the head mourner who is usually a male or the eldest son of the deceased. Because of their belief, Hindus are cremated to release their spirit and the flames represent Brahma, the creator.



The customs and beliefs may be different between the two types of Muslims. Usually, family members will recite the Koran and pray for the dying person. While during the death, the body will be laid out with their arms across their chest with their head facing Mecca. It will also be washed by family and friends and will be wrapped in a white shroud while prayers will be said. Within 24 hours, the body should be buried because Muslims believe that soul leaves the body at the moment of death. At the graveyard, no women will be allowed and a prayer will be recited. Excessive expression of grief and cremating the body are forbidden. The body will be buried with face turned to the right facing Mecca and will be sealed with wooden boards. This will allow no earth to touch the body and the graves of the Muslims are simple.

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