Different dental cleaning modalities compared:

by Marius Wlassak Business Media Consultant
1. Conventional cleaning

* manually, electric / acoustic

Cleaning by mechanical grinding using abrasive substances within toothpaste (RDA value: 70-130) => high risk by damaging gum & tooth enamel.

Mechanical revolutions (30 to 35,000 rev / min.) => unpleasant friction.

Cleans where the bristles end up and where they can abrade.

Usually still other necessaires and tools, such as dental floss, interdental brushes, irrigator and more.

Dental care onl in areas that are accessible to the toothbrush (surface)
=> no cleaning of deeper lying tissues, regular dental visits for prophylaxis necessary => high costs.

No therapeutic effect.

2. Emmi-Dent ultrasound dental hygiene - MADE in GERMANY
* 100% ultrasonic

Motionless cleaning (no brushes, less gum irritation).
No abrasive particles (RDA value 0).
No gum and tooth enamel damage.

Up to 96 million oscillations per minute (pleasant micro-massage).

Purifies by implosion of micro-bubbles even the smallest cavities, fissures and gingival pockets.

Lightens discolorations caused by wine, nicotine and food; gradually.

Ultra Clean - rarely extra tools needed.

Perfect care for the whole dentition, gingival pockets trapped; eliminates bacteria up to 12mm deep in the tissue and protects also implants.

Therapeutic effect within a few days, even in advanced, acute cases (for example - inflammatory and aphthae).

"Do not be confused by large advertising budgets of so called big and well known companies: A loud accoustic (sonic) toothbrush does NOT use ultrasound! As the comparison shows, there are fundamental differences."

... Revolutions always happen... unexpected

Dental micro cleaning

Daily prophylaxis for everyone at home - with new micro-cleaning process and pure ultrasound (max. 96 million vibrations per minute)

Our ultrasound devices are the "best symphony for the teeth"

The Fourth German Oral Health Study (DMS IV) shows that periodontal dental disease are significantly & disproportionally increased thus the decays dveloped into a widespread disease with still rapidly increasing numbers, with all the associated risks and consequences.

Only with an effective oral hygiene, the onset of periodontitis usually can be prevented. Dentists and scientists advise thus far at least one professional cleanings per year, which is performed in the dental practice of prophylaxis assistants or dental hygienists.

The statutory health insurance pays only once a year teeth cleaning and the installation or removal of calculus.

The more significant becomes the now-present possibility of a regular and thorough dental cleaning and oral hygiene at home with an effective daily prophylaxis and therapy.

The interested user opens today an El Dorado of hand brushes of various sizes and shapes and grades. There are also electric brushes, brushes with oscillating-rotating technology, the so-called "noise"-brushes and more.

Generally speaking, electrical brushes - as opposed to hand brushes - help users cleaning teeth a little.

Normal and electric brush models, found by the "Stiftung Warentest", which produce an "active sound" while rotating round the tooth brush heads, are not a superior technology.

For all models, whether hand brush or the various forms of electric brushes, this is valid however: you clean the teeth as it is done for decades: you "scrub" the teeth with abrasive substances in the toothpaste.

That is, whether a hand brush, or electrically... connected to the electric toothbrush:

The brushes rub on the tooth surfaces, not too little, but not too much pressure has to be exerted.

With all the associated risks to tooth enamel and gums when not used correctly (eg, too much pressure or too high RDA values ​​of toothpaste).

Now there is...

In contrast to all the above cleaning procedures (macro cleaning and their mechanical movements with 20 to 30,000 oscillations per minute),

the new micro-cleaning sets at work (max. 96 million vibrations per minute) in a completely different, "movement" - almost non-contact ultrasonic technology.

Moreover, and this is a huge advantage, even at unaccessible points a precise cleaning of the the oral cavity takes place => the system can act where no macro- cleaning process, no dental floss or interdental brushes does.

The ultrasonic waves penetrate into the smallest gaps, even with braces and implants, without mechanical pressure to clean teeth effectively and sustainably, between teeths, gum pockets and fissures.

"Dental cleaning with ultrasound today is the pinnacle of an efficient and modern dental cleaning, so for all german or worldwide citizens, who have opted for dental implants this system will lead to enjoyable benefits of this technology & a smiling life ... that is possible today. 

* watch this short How to use instructions below

Our EMAG Institute where the new ultrasonic tooth "brush" was developed is in Mörfelden-Walldorf.

And with impressive results: "said Dr. Roland Streckbein, head of the Institute of Dental Implantology (IZI) in Limburg.

"Those who most effectively will prevent periodontitis (pathological changes in the implant-surrounding tissue) should use the new micro-cleaning procedure for the teeth at least twice a day", ...recommends the implantologist. (see & also ).

Ultrasound toothbrushes (not to be confused with the so-called "noise brush" which operates on conventional macro-cleaning procedure, so the teeth are still "scrub") convert with modern electronics, the electrical energy from rechargeable battery (located in the handle the ultrasound machine) in medically safe 96 million activ ultrasound vibrations per minute.

On top, using the ultrasonic toothpaste as well as by the saliva no audible vibrations occur to the teeth, the gums, the palate and the tongue, nor they can be transmitted. The ultrasound forms millions of microscopic bubbles that can penetrate because of their size in the smallest spaces.

There they "implode", removing meal leftovers, tartar, plaque, bacteria, etc.

The ultrasonic motion transports the impurities then outward.

Dentists use ultrasound since many years with great success in the professional cleaning, by using a "hard" ultrasound (low frequency, high power) with a metal tip as a transmission medium.
Now the micro-technology with "smooth" ultrasound (high-frequency, ultra-low power) with bristles and a special toothpaste as a transmission medium, offers for the first time for every citizen a luxury treatment and pays him back for the daily dental care, prevention and therapy at home in a big way.

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The first true ultrasonic toothbrush available in Australia, recommended by leading dentists and oral surgeons => VIDEO

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Ajaya Kashyap Advanced  best cosmetic surgeon in india
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FANTASTIC Marius! You are the best!
Mar 21st 2013 17:45   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Thanks Ulla - Not yet, but we try ;) ! Together 4 sure !
Mar 24th 2013 11:17   
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Had to like it.Just Awesome.Keep on Marius with this great work.
Mar 28th 2013 15:45   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Thanks Alex. very honoured by your review. Yes it is, but the products are even better :)
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Awesome post is helpful, Great work you did.
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Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Thanks Mr. Okonta - Thanks for your kind appreciation. the best thing is that the products effects are even more better than they say - Fantastic !
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Interesting brush well done.
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Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Thanks Robert ... "This product is better than iPhone and Microsoft put together; It's a bank. Finally: Do IT 4You, your kids, your family and friends." that's all I say - GO !" :)
Apr 4th 2013 21:53   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Thanks Robert - "This product is better than iPhone and Microsoft put together; It's a bank. Finally: Do IT 4You, your kids, your family and friends." that's all I say - GO !" :)
Apr 4th 2013 22:07   
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