Did you ever take the time to compare and explore safelists?

by Paula van Dun Retired
I am not talking about tracking now but I am talking about the way they are set up for free members.

There are a lot of differences similar as differences between traffic exchanges running on different scripts. (You can read about this subject here). In this articles I wrote about how you are missing out if you do not take the time to explore the features.

Similar as in TEscripts there are differences in how safelists work, what feautures they have and of course also the way they are managed by their admins and owners plays a big role.

As a free member the number of people is limited on many. If it it a huge list there is no harm in sending out a mail for the same program multiple times. I.e. if you can send out 2000 as a free member and the memberships is ten times as big the chance of the same member getting exactly the same mailer is much smaller (unless you use prewritten headlines and mails provided by the program).

In some mailers you can earn credits faster than you can use them for reason that the membership it not that big yet or by limitations set for free members or the frequency you can send. However many safelists and TAE have the option to trade credits you do not need for adverting like banners and text ads. On some you can even buy solos from your credits. There are also sites that combine a TE with solo mails. On those you can assign the credits you don't need for a mailing to W/B/T impressions on the TE part.

It is really worthwhile figuring these things out. So you will only spend time clicking for credits you can actually use. Of course tracking your results is also very important. Why waste time on earning credits have a low CTR on all promotions? But that is not what this topic is about. If you want to track your results you can find good programs for that here.

There are several safelists where you have to submit 2 email addresses: a contact address and a safelist address. Some safelists send credits to your contact mail. In most cases you earn more credits from reading the ones sent to your contact mail that those sent to your list mail address.

Speaking of tools there exist wonderful tools for organizing for reading mails and earn credits and tools to automate and schedule your mailings.

One of my favorites is MySafelistbiz. In the back office there is a tool that extracts your credits mails from your gmail list account and contacts account. For some safelists you can actually see from the structure which ones will give you the most credits! It is a huge timesaver alone for the fact that you can open and read emails much faster than from you regular email program. Besides that you can build downlines in many great mailers.

Currently I am building a startpage for both safelists, TE Safelist Combos, TAEs and tools for organising creditmailers and sending mails. Feel free to take a look.

In my MUGged downline builder you can find the best safelists and tools; TAEs and many other great programs. With this free downline builder site you can safe a lot of time by promoting your personal url in TEs, TAEs and safelists. People can join under you even if they don't sign up for the downline builder service. By promoting your personal url only your credits will last much longer everywhere. Plus you can ad your own programs.

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