Detox diets - revitalizing detox diet 24 hours

by Ellen Desuza Health

Much has been written and said about diets and detox, but here we present 24 detox diet to cleanse the system simpler, you feel better and revitalize energy, its simple and very effective Health info.


This detox diet can be used 24 hours after a period of excess, or when you wake up feeling bad and revitalize you quickly.


This detox diet should not to be used every day.


Basics detox diet 24 hours


The basis of this detox diet is 4 cups fresh ~ 'pomegranate juice, slow-cooked rice, a salad of high power and 200 grams of raw almonds diet solution program review.


The combination will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need for your day, clear your body of toxins and oxidants and give you plenty of energy to face the world. They also lose a minimum of 600 grams to 1 kilo depending on body weight and height.


Detox to cleanse your body


The Granada is a very powerful

(The most powerful) antioxidant known in any food.


It has been shown to reverse or even prevent some cancers and heart disease.


Almonds provide all the calories, oils and protein you need without feeling hungry.


Salads are thick and all the vitamins and minerals are obtained from food of salads and vegetables.


Rice is also a wonderful antioxidant and source of many vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.


The rules of this detox diet are simple:


1. No coffee or tea or soda. Liquids are allowed only 4 glasses of pomegranate juice and the amount of water as you can drink.


2. If you are a smoker, try to stop for 24 hours, or if you can not be limited only cigarettes and try not to inhale cigarette smoke but just like a cigarette.


3. Taking a bath or a hot shower in the morning and at night, cleaning the skin with a brush,

sisal, or special skin cloth encourage good blood circulation. Also going to a sauna is a wonderful idea. Spend as much time as possible, taking your food with you.


4. Do not cheat, follow the diet plan. Eat only when hungry, not by the clock.


5. The exercise by any means (walking may be the best) for at least 45 minutes during the day. This is very important.


Detox diet food tomorrow


A glass of pomegranate juice, with a handful of raw almonds. Do not overfill your stomach; When you are satisfied about 50%, stop.


Detox diet midmorning snack


A bowl of brown rice with some soy sauce and some tofu naturally if you feel you need the protein. A glass of water.


Detox diet lunch


A glass of pomegranate juice and a mixed green salad, as desired. You can use a dressing of salt, olive oil and wine vinegar.


Detox Diet Snack noon


A glass of pomegranate juice, with a handful of

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