Detaches Skilling Of Albion Online

by Dongdong Xu Game Gola
So maybe the solution can be found in using part of the EvE approach: detaching skill leveling from production, allowing the game to find equilibrium points that favor production of only those goods that are justified by demand. But instead of tying skill leveling to the passage of time, tie skill levels to actions that are variable according to the level of commitment desired by a player. Let the player determine how much of an activity investment he wants to make in order to get to the top of the heap, but not via production by buy Albion Online Gold. You could solve two problems at once by using your faction mission NPCs to generate missions that result in skill ups. This gives the NPCs more relevance than they currently have (*cough* greater than zero?), and detaches skilling from production. In fact, you could even have them generate crafting missions that award skill but which consume the items made so that there is NO flooding of the market and only those things which are in demand wind up getting crafted. Of course, you can't get skill ups from crafting in this model, the only point to crafting becomes profit (as in EvE), but the supply more or less perfectly fits the demand. Meanwhile, your mission NPCs are giving skill ups and creating faction contention that could be used in other ways. For example, you could tie skill ups to faction and have a warrior's faction and a hunter's faction, and a gatherer's faction, for example, and using any of these will give faction and skill ups but will also cause you to lose faction in any of the others, resulting in the kind of specialization you seek. Players will still gather but only because the resources are needed. If there is no demand for resources, there will be no supply for them and the only thing on the AH will be stuff that is actually NEEDED by players.

Detaching skill ups from production is the key here, and doing it in a way that preserves the ability to fight your way to the Albion Online Silver is what saves it from the EvE problem. The result is perfect harmony between supply and demand without artificial stimulants through a system that rewards effort and attracts new players who want to believe that they can be the best through their own industry and effort.

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