Dealing with female biological clock: Seeking this common female infertility treatment in India

by Dr. Manika Khanna Gaudium IVF Centre

There are countless times when the female biological clock finds mention in relation to female infertility. The term is a subjective one as it refers to the measurement of a woman’s fertility in relation to her age. The biological clock may vary from person to person, though the age between twenties and early thirties is regarded as the most fertile period for women. As the woman goes beyond the mid-thirties, her fertility starts declining naturally. One of the most common issues for which women seek female infertility treatment in India is that of the ticking of their biological clock.

Women who suffer from infertility issues or postpone pregnancy due to personal reasons have poor chances of conception due to advanced age.  Though the ticking biological clock is a matter of concern, yet it is something that can be dealt with. There are several options for women undergoing these reproductive issues. Medical science has brought innovative reproductive techniques that can result in pregnancy at advanced maternal age. There is just the need to approach a trustworthy clinic for effective female infertility treatment.

Female infertility treatment in India: Understanding the link between biological clock and ovarian reserve

The biological clock has direct link with female fertility. The ovarian reserve is of great significance in this regard. Ovarian reserve is the number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries at any point of time. Every woman is born with a finite number of eggs, which keeps declining with her age. These eggs are lost during her reproductive years and the reserve comes to end at menopause. This is another way to describe the female biological clock.

The greater the ovarian reserve, the better are the chances of conception. For this reason, younger women are more fertile as compared to those of advanced maternal age. Hence, it is advisable to adopt a definitive plan to cope with the loss of fertility with the ticking biological clock. Women who want to plan pregnancy at a later age should, therefore, look for options to preserve fertility for the future. Clinics have several options that can be tried out for female infertility treatment in Delhi, depending upon individual circumstances.

Options for Countering the Impact of Biological Aging

Women may have different reasons to postpone pregnancy. Some do it for educational or career reasons while others want to wait for the right partner. Whatever the reason may be, it is vital to insure oneself against loss of fertility due to biological aging. Similarly, cancer patients need to preserve their fertility as treatment is likely to damage the ovarian reserve. It is better to take desired action in time rather than be troubled by infertility issues at advanced age. There are two options that are available during female infertility treatment in India for countering the ticking biological clock. Let’s know more about these:

Cryopreservation/ Egg freezing: It is the advanced medical technique that involves preservation of the woman’s oocytes for an extended period of time. The oocytes so preserved can be thawed later when the woman is ready to plan a pregnancy. IVF technique is recommended for women who want to get pregnant with these eggs.

Donor Eggs: The other option is egg donation, which is suitable for women who do not have viable eggs in their ovaries. Donor eggs have to be taken from a young donor who is willing to provide her eggs for someone whose internal clock has stopped ticking. Again, egg donation has to be used in conjugation with IVF treatment to help a woman conceive despite being of advanced age. The downside of using donor eggs is that the baby is not conceived with a woman’s own eggs. At the same time, the procedure offers better chances of a healthy pregnancy with high-quality eggs from a younger woman. 

An expert infertility specialist can only prescribe the best amongst these options for a woman who wants to slow down her biological clock. The one-size-fit-all approach is not feasible for female infertility treatment in India or elsewhere, when it comes to this condition. The treatment is absolutely tailor-made, based on individual requirements for each case.

Gaudium IVF is amongst the leading clinics providing reliable female infertility treatment in Delhi. The clinic not only offers high-tech infertility treatments but also provides ancillary services like egg donations and surrogacy.  Visit today for a free second from Dr Manika Khanna, the best infertility specialist in Delhi. 

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