Custom Screwdrivers : A Useful and Compact Tool for Every House

by David Wilson Promocenter international

Screwdriver is a tool which can be used both manually and powered for turning or removing different types of tools present on different equipments. A regular simple screwdriver has a handle and a shaft, and a tip that is used to inserts into the screw head to turn it around. Screwdrivers are very essential in carrying household activities apart from its use in large industries. There is no house in the world who does not have screwdriver and there is nobody who as not used it at least once in their lifetime. Hence screwdrivers have become one of the famous, equipped and handy equipments. Moreover one can have custom screwdrivers as well, you can imprint your name on these screwdrivers. Screwdrivers have various use like it can assemble the furniture, puts up shelving to build up a shed for the backyard. Screws and screwdrivers are the main key elements in most of the things. Screws can clench together metal, wood, plastic, and a assortment of other material and it also provides stableness and structural integrity for almost anything from kitchen appliances to doghouse.

There is a range of different types of screw drivers like slot head, Phillips head, Allen wrench, tor x drive and Robertson. Screwdrivers came into existence from 15th century and they are known to first establish either in Germany or France. It is so because the first traces of screws were found in both these countries. The basic function of a screw driver is to rotate the screw and dig it in or out into a piece of plastic, wood or metal box. A normal manual screwdriver works with man power that is through the hand and the wrist, the screwdriver is rotated anti clock wise and clock wise to dig the screw in or to take it out. Electric screwdrivers work under same mechanism, the only difference is manual power is not required rather it is provided by the electric motor present inside the screwdriver. Cordless screwdrivers always have an upper hand on manual screwdrivers and the reason for so is :

1. Portability : The most obvious advantage of cordless screwdriver is its portability that is it can be carried anywhere. A cordless screwdriver is battery based and unlike corded screwdrivers it does not rely on plug-in so it can be used in outdoor as well where plug-in socket are not present.

2. Flexibility : Due to its portability, cordless screwdrivers are way far flexible to use as compare to that of corded and manual screwdrivers. You might not know how and where you find a need to use a screwdriver. You might have to bend down or lie under a shed, then in such cases cordless screwdrivers are way useful.

3. Easy to carry : Though cordless screwdrivers are bulky and heavy because of the battery in-housed in them but then you need not to worry about the long cable wires.

4. Negligible efforts : As cordless screwdrivers work with battery system present inside them, so one need not to use his power for rotating motion to din in or pull out the screws.

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