Cross Platform Mobile App Development – One of The Secular Riot in Mobile Technology

by Been Sand Mobile app development specialist

The mobile application development for the smartphone has been increasing rapidly as smartphone become one of the essential part of everyone’s life. Hence, it is a challenging task for the developers to develop the mobile apps for different platforms that overcome all the requirement of the customers.  

What is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Development of the single code base mobile app for more than one platform is known as Cross-platform mobile app development 

Why need to develop a cross-platform mobile app?

To build a native app for a particular platform, developers should have knowledge of particular platform based programming language, like for Android app development, Java language knowledge is essential and for iOS, Objective-C or Swift language knowledge is essential. For enterprise app creation, an organization must need to hire multiple developers to develop apps for different platforms that will consume lots of money as well as time. 

Cross Platform App Development is the solution for the above issue. Through this, one can develop the app that works on multiple platform.

Why is it a challenging task to develop a Cross-platform mobile app?

As we know, every user have some emotional attachment to their mobile, because of its unique features that make them more comfortable and habitual.  Therefore, to develop the unique app that can run on every platform and fulfil all the criteria of user’s requirements is a big challenging task. A programmer with vast knowledge of programming languages can only make these types of apps. 

Every day a lot of new apps launch in the market, Cross-platform mobile app development tools are the only things that can fulfil these requirements.

Here are some of the widely used cross-platform mobile app development tools,  

Cross-platform app development technology has many advantages, but as we know that every coin has two sides.

Merits and Demerits of Cross-platform App development tools:


1. Required one-time app development

Only one-time coding require to develop app, no need to code for multiple times to build multiple apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc. 
2. Cost effective

App owner need to pay only one time, no need to hire multiple developers for multiple platforms that will save a large amount of money.

3. Rapidly reach with the large amount of audience

As we know it covered many platforms, so that a single app will be used by a large numbers of users so the popularity of app will also increase.

4. Use of known technology 

means you’re using resources you already know about and converting them for deployment across different platforms. Because this all the tools supported different languages.


1. Different Tools and languages

In custom designing of application, it will be hard to fight off the differences in tools and languages of each platform’s API.

2. Loss of Flexibility

When you are developing a cross-platform app, you have to choose commonality of every platform. That creates a disadvantage by losing particular platform’s flexibility.

3. User interface

Designing one app that fits on more than one platform can be quite a hard task because Android and iOS have notably various screen layouts.

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