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by Ryan Palmer consultant
Corporate video production has become an important business over the past ten or fifteen years. There was a time when corporate videos were done occasionally, but now companies require videos for events on a weekly or monthly basis. Corporate videos refer to any audio or video material that is recorded/edited onto DVD, high definition DVD, Blu Ray, or electronic video form. 

These are specialized videos that are made by the companies for themselves. These videos are shown at meetings, major company events, client meetings, and other business occasions. Corporate videos do not refer to videos that are made for marketing, publicizing, or general public consumption.

Corporate videos include, but are not limited to, product promotions, service promotions, or instructional materials. These videos are designed to inform, educate, train, and ingrain employees with the policies and responsibilities of working for a company.

There are infinite reasons for why a company may need a corporate video completed. Staff needs to be trained, investors need to be encouraged, and other matters need to be considered. 

The great thing about modern technology is that there can be a true convergence of mainstream media and corporate videos. There was a time when corporate videos were stale, stuffy, boring, and uninspiring. That is no longer the case. Corporate video creators are expected to bring a wide variety of creativity, passion, and excitement to these videos. 

The same production techniques and methods that are used for television program, commercials, and medium budget movies are vital to the creation of quality corporate videos. The idea behind this is to engage staff members who are used to watching a certain kind of programming. People watch a lot of television, which is why a corporate video needs to be similar in many ways. Many companies prefer corporate videos that are themed to well known television shows. 

There is a set process that must be followed for the production of corporate videos. It starts with a client brief, where the storyline and script of a video is outlined. Some companies prefer to provide more details about what they want, while others leave a lot up to the creative team at a corporate video production company. 

Some corporate videos are quick to process, requiring a small crew and minimal work. However, other videos are similar in production time and scale to a television show episode. These videos range from 30 minutes to one hour in length, with full scale crew and cast responsibilities. 

The pre production stage is when the budget for a corporate video is outlined, in addition to the time frame and expected video length. Script writing is finalized and both sides collaborate to ensure maximum efficiency in production.

Video production involves filming both at locations and at sets. Actors and presenters are involved in this process, in addition to a director, producer, and camera crew.

Post production involves the editing of various footage that has been taken. Most corporate videos require minimal editing, especially if they are shot in one or two locations. However, the more complicated videos may require days of editing. Graphics can be added to videos, audio is adjusted or re-taken, and animation scenes are added in certain places.

A new reason for corporate videos is to place them on websites or YouTube pages. Many companies, both small and large ones, are looking to the internet for maximum marketing potential. Having promotional videos, informational shoots, and other media items is a great way to connect with fans, customers, and potential clients. 

If you need a corporate video in Melbourne created, then you will want to get a reputable company to do the work for you. Corporate videos can go a long way to setting the tone for a convention, business meeting, or investor session. Make sure that you get one made by a company that is well equipped to handle the workload.

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