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by John Benny Cooler Box
An oft overlooked but a most vital piece of kitchen equipment is the cooler box. A cooler box will not only let you enjoy some fabulous picnics or camping but it is also useful as standby kitchen equipment at parties or sit-down dinners. It is also excellent and highly practical when you are travelling long distance and would like to carry some cold drinks or food which must be kept cool and fresh.

We all know the dangers of consuming food which has ‘gone off’ especially in warm weather when the bacteria in the food multiplies faster than in the colder months. Cooling boxes while not exactly refrigerating the food items certainly help in keeping food fresh by locking in the cold air within it. This lets you carry meats, cheeses and other similar food which would otherwise get spoilt fast in hot weather when you go picnicking or camping.

Fruits, salads, sandwiches stay fresh longer and taste better when carried in a cooling box rather than in normal plastic containers where they wilt and don’t taste half as good or become downright tasteless. Cooler boxes also help in keeping food stuff which tastes best cool at the right cooling temperature; for example, cold drinks, alcoholic beveragescan be kept refreshingly cold in these ice box containers and you do not have to force yourself to glug down warm beverages which ought to have been chilled.

If going for a long weekend, you can carry plenty of cold cuts, sandwiches, cold beverages in your cooling box safe in the knowledge that your food will not get spoilt. This will allow you to make substantial savings on your hotel food expenses. Even if you are having a simple barbeque in your backyard, an ice box comes in handy to store the beer, cold drinks etc. as you do not have to run to the refrigerator every time someone wants an iced drink.

If you already do not have a cooler box, it is imperative that you should get hold of one from a cooler box supplier and while you are at it is not a bad idea to stock up on several cooler boxes in varying sizes. This is so that you have a cooling box handy in the right size for the appropriate situation as sometimes you may not require a large standard size one for your purpose while at other times, a small one will not do.
For example, if you need to keep drinks and food cool only for a single person or a couple, a small one will be much more practical rather than a large bulky one. On the other hand, for family picnics, long drives or camping you sure cannot do with one small tiny ice box container and will require a good size cooler box. So, stocking up on varying sizes will mean that you have one in the right size handy every time.
A cooler box has plenty of uses and is mandatory in a well-stocked kitchen.

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