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by Paramjit Singh Security Equipment Supplier
A computer consists of different parts and components. Each one of them is equally important as without them the computer can? be considered unique. These days it is necessary to be fully aware of all the parts and functions of a computer as most of the people operate their work on computers. Whenever a problem arises in the computer the knowledge helps in tackling the problem and replacing the faulty part without any confusion. Below mentioned are the most important Computer Hardware Components and accessories.

The central processing unit is the most important part of a computer and is known as the brain of the computer. The CPU is basically a chip installed on a single integrated circuit known as microprocessor. The CPU is made of 2 basic components that are control unit and arithmetic logic Unit. Typically a CPU is responsible for carrying out program instructions. It executes the instruction sets of all model processors. The CPU implements the program by processing each piece of data as directed by the program and the instruction set. The other instructions and data get stored in a special memory called Cache when the CPU is busy in implementing one step of the program.

This is another important hardware for desktop computers.  A mouse helps in the navigation on computer. It helps in selecting various options and in clicking on them. It enables users to access all the information stored inside the computer by sending a signal to the computer to display the selected information over the screen.

Hard disk
A hard disk is responsible for the storage of the data in the computer. It is the primary source where all the data gets saved. A Hard disk uses a magnetic disk to store a large amount of data including the operating system and applications. The hard disk maintains all the data even when this device is not powered.

A keyboard is another hardware that is extremely important to a computer. It is used to type and send commands and instructions using alphabets, numerical and signs. Other keys like Alter, Control, delete, Page up, F keys, Page down, etc help in editing and managing the work on the computer.

Apart from this hardware, a computer is made of many other components and hardware like RAM, ROM, motherboard, fans, monitor, etc. All the hardware together form a computer and play significant role.

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