Common Sofa Cleaning Problems in Singapore

by Chris Pawn Marketing

The sofa, being a place to lounge in and seat guests, is one of the most important furniture inside the home. It’s definitely the most used, most exposed furniture and you definitely want to keep it in tip top shape. Luckily, there are many companies offering sofa cleaning in Singapore and they can lessen the pain of having to solve all the problems that your sofa might encounter. Don’t lose hope; here are some problems that they can help you with:

1.       Stains

Drinks, food, cosmetics, and all sorts of elements will somehow accidentally make its way to your sofa. A bunch of other unimaginable things happen when you have babies and children, leaving different kinds of substances onto your upholstery. You can do DIY cleaning for these mishaps; however, to fully sanitise and return it back to its normal state and appearance, this event definitely calls for professional sofa cleaners.


2.       Watermarks

Watermarks appear in the area of a removed spot, caused by spillage of some form. The very basic way to get the watermarks removed from fabrics is to evenly wash it with distilled water, so it can dissolve the elements of the watermark, and then allow it to dry evenly. Otherwise, if these are stubborn watermarks on delicate, eccentric fabrics, then you definitely need to avail of the expertise of professional sofa cleaners.


3.       Bleeding

Some coloured fabrics or those printed ones can be sensitive and bleed throughout the surrounding fabric. This problem is usually hard to correct, but fortunately, there are dye stabilizers and low-moisture techniques to prevent and correct this.


4.       Odours

Odours can be a big problem for your upholstery, especially if you have pets in the house. Odours can also be caused by cooking; even if there’s proper ventilation, the smell of food cooking or gas can still penetrate the fabric of your sofa. Sweat can also be blamed, as the dampness of our personal waste can cause an unfavourable reaction to fabrics and leather.


5.       Shrinkage

Sometimes, shrinkage happens to certain materials like cotton or rayon-cotton mixes. A quick DIY fix is to use a hand steamer to make the fabric more pliable, and stretch it back to shape, or use a frame to stretch it and hold down the shape until it dries.


6.       General Dirt and Grime

Accumulation of dirt and dust is inevitable, regardless how often you vacuum your sofa. And, not cleaning your sofa at all will get dirt and dust deeply embedded, not only making your furniture look ugly and old, but might also pose a risk to health. Dirt and dust can cause allergies and even serious respiratory illnesses.


7.       Browning

Linen, jute and cotton fabrics possess cellulosic fibers that cause browning when they get too wet and dry very slowly. The brownish areas are caused by too much water that worked its way up the fibers. A quick DIY is to dry out all water completely by a blow dryer or an air mover. If the browning still doesn’t disappear, bring the sofa to your trusted professional sofa cleaner; however, it might take several treatments to get it fully cleaned out.

Gone are the days when you used to do everything by yourself. Cleaning services in Singapore is now rampant nowadays and can help you save time and money by making sure that you won’t spend on buying another sofa!

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