Common Mistakes When Designing a Company Logo Sign

by Sita Cole Creative Marketing Manager
When starting a business or when trying to improve it, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind. One detail that is often overlooked until the last minute is designing the company logo. This logo will be used on signs outside of the business as well is on stationary and in many other key areas. It will help to identify the business in numerous ways. In fact, it is said that the logo is what helps to distinguish one company from another in the eyes of its customers (Source:
Unfortunately, many companies make mistakes when designing their logo and this can have long-term effects on the business. By avoiding the most common mistakes that go into the logo design, it is possible for you to have a logo that will serve your business for years to come. Here are some of the most common mistakes that are made when designing a logo so that you can avoid them.
Rushing the Design - As was mentioned, the design of the logo is often rushed. It certainly can be a busy time when you are starting a business. Most people tend to focus on financial matters and the day-to-day aspects of the business, which will help to get it up and running. Rather than throwing the logo together at the last minute, give it some careful thought. The right logo can help to build trust and loyalty with your customers. The wrong logo can have the opposite effect.
Avoid Stock Art - The Internet makes it very easy for you to grab images that you would include in your logo. This can lead to big problems, because you may be in violation of copyright laws that could come back to cause serious issues at some time in the future. Regardless of whether you are designing your logo on your own or, as is typically recommended, you are having it designed professionally, the image that you use should be original and unique.
Don't Love Your Logo - Although you want to be happy with the logo that is designed for your company, you should not fall in love with the design before it is completed. Doing so can severely limit your ability to see the logo for what it is, a way to convey a message to your customers. Font choice is also a consideration that needs to be considered carefully. Choosing the right font and not mixing and matching too many fonts in your logo can help to give it a more professional look, without it appearing to be childish.
Check Your Pixels - There are different ways that an image can be created using computer technology. Two of the most common ways are raster and vector graphics. If you've ever seen an image which was magnified, causing it to be pixelated, you are looking at a raster graphic. Vector graphics, on the other hand, are based on mathematical equations and can be magnified without creating a pixelated effect. It creates a much smoother logo with a professional look.
Avoiding mistakes in designing a logo can make a difference in the way that it looks and the benefits that it provides for your company. Give your logo the time that it deserves and it will serve you for years to come.

Sita Cole is an expert in helping clients create custom business logo signs. She has consulted Blue Pond Signs, a business sign manufacturing company, to write this article. Feel free to connect with her on Google+.

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